Friday, September 28, 2018

Fri-Yay Feels & Fashion Haul

Happy Fri-Yay everyone!!!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. It's going to be more on the chill side, with even more rain in the forecast and no traveling on the schedule. Tomorrow will be full of working out and a fall closet and room cleanout. I went online a few weeks ago and purchased some cute sweaters, jeans, tops, two dresses (one long and one long sleeved) and a pair of boots in anticipation of the chilly weather. I normally don't buy a bunch of clothes all at once but this year ALL of my long sleeves and sweaters were looking a bit raggedy (Forever 21 doesn't last long, and in this case 5 years was pushing it), and spending time in cities where it actually gets cold means I want to be prepared, while also keeping in mind that I do live in Texas. πŸ˜„
The Fall of my dreams = NOT the Fall of my reality! Ha! (Source)
In case anyone's interested in my finds, I'll share some of what I got below. 😊

**Disclaimer** Most of what I got was on really good sale at the time and I'm not sure if anything is on sale now. Also, even though I'm linking the actual sites, some of what I found I was able to get on Poshmark for a REALLY good deal, which I'll note below. There's NO way I'd ever pay $175 for a dress. A bike part for sure, but not a dress. That's just crazy. 😜


These 2 Anthro pieces I immediately fell in love with, but with Anthro being so dang expensive and me having no way to justify that, I happened to find one heck of a great deal for a brand new with tags in the bag dress, and this adorable top on Poshmark.

No longer on the website, Poshmark only


Reformation is another website with super cute but super expensive stuff, so I went to Ebay and got a GREAT price on a beautiful dress for Fall. Ebay and Poshmark are awesome for finding steals. This will be good with boots and a jean jacket.

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle has been my go-to for sweaters that actually stay together and don't pill up. I've had horrible history with stuff from Forever 21 and similar stores in the past looking cute and then pilling up or shrinking after one wash. I don't know about you but my clothes need to be able to survive a washing machine. I don't mind hanging dry but hand washing is a pain. I picked up a new pair of high waisted jeggings to replace an old worn out pair of mine with a broken zipper and two cute sweaters.


To me, Zara is a great place to go for basics that you want to last for a while. I love their fashion, even the more crazy stuff, and while some of it just isn't me or I can't see spending money on something I feel I'll only wear once (the money tree in our backyard has dropped it's "leaves" for fall LOL!), I love their hoodies and shirts. I ordered off the website and was really impressed with the quality of the clothes and speed of shipping. I did have to return something but luckily there's a store in my area.


UNIF was my splurge. I fell in love with this fun sweater after seeing it online, and I couldn't find a good deal anywhere. I wanted something completely unique and not mass produced, and that's what UNIF does. ❤

Frost Sweater


One last thing I got for the Fall time were some super cute combat boots. I had some from Target for years before they wore out, and I've been missing having some. I love pairing them with skinny jeans and any kind of top. The brand on these boots is Zara, but I found them at Poshmark brand new, from someone who got the wrong size.

Side note, don't ever get too small of a size in a shoe because they are really cute. Too much of that can cause ALL kinds of foot/bone problems. I love something cute, but don't mess around with your feet.

It worked out for me though because I got them for $150 off! How cute are these?? I LOVE the fuzzy tongues! ❤

Well, I think I'm ready for the cold weather, and I'm looking forward to finally having some new things to wear for the first time in a few years, and I know that these items will last longer than my past shopping tastes, so that's always a good feeling. Time this weekend to rearrange some things in my closet, and get the fall dΓ©cor out!

What is you're favorite things to wear for fall? 

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