Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Family and Friends, Thank You!

So here’s a few crazy months tied into a little neat one post- Red Valentino boot type bow. If such a succinct thing exists without being thrown off into a hundred digressive stories along the way. Either way I’ll try, so here goes. I know New Years comes with resolutions. Never having been keen on those I will make one however- I vow to blog more. Simple enough. Apparently I find it tough though.
The last few months have thrown me into an impossible tailspin. So many things happened so close together that it was hard to make heads and tails at all of one thing, let alone many.
  1. November 16th I ran the Cypress Half Marathon. It definitely wasn’t anywhere near a PR. One of the many lessons I’ve learned this year is to pick a race and stick to a training plan. I ran so many races that they slammed against each other in my mind as one continuous amalgam of weekend activities. They were all a blast, but I signed up for so many that it became something I had to simply get through rather than something to PR in. This tactic is absolutely perfect for covering a large amount of ground, but the lack of fine tuning and specialized training led to a joyless plan on a calendar- one that you must endure rather than relish. Regardless, it was a great race put on by such a wonderful group of people. I ran it with J as well, which is always a blast. She’s training for her first full, and she is such a good person and inspires me daily with her dedication. It was a tough race, my breathing was labored and hard to draw in as usual. The only difference between the last few runs and the runs prior was the sense of unbroken hopefulness coursing through every part of me. As my breathing remained an everlasting  steadfast reminder of the troubles anyone with the same issues may have, my frustration was at an all time high and growing. Still had fun but it was a tough run!
  2. Thanksgiving weekend two weeks later was an amazing experience. The USA BMX grand nationals took over Tulsa once again in what unfurled into a tiring, stressful, joyous, exciting time- surreal to be back for the first time since, what? 2006? I raced my heart out and made do with the limited training I had. Basically the plan was to just have fun and ride for fun and hang with my team, and cheer on (and race!) old friends. That plan worked out nicely, as it was one of the best weekends I could have asked for, considering I was away from family on turkey day. I ended up with NAG 5 on class, NAG 2 on cruiser, and also a national number on cruiser.

    Resting in front of the fireplace on a cold day

    Chilling with Staci after our round

    Team Exile
  3. Okay let’s fast forward two weeks: the Katy 10 miler ended up getting rained out, so since we were able to get our medals, a bunch of us just ran it in virtual form the next weekend. 
  4. Before Christmas I had a major surgery. I’m not going to say what it was, but it to help my breathing. 🙂  As of now I’m recovering on some very limited workouts. It’s frustrating not to be able to get up and go like before, but in the future it will be worth it. It’s tough seeing others continue with their workouts and runs, because I feel like I’m starting from scratch. I believe that this feeling, too, shall pass.
  5. I recently began work in a new city. I packed a suitcase and an armful of stuff and drove out. It’s a good job and everyone’s nice. I think I bawled whenever I was alone for the first week. It was surreal. It was Alice falling down the rabbit hole- well, minus the drugs. I’m blessed to have this opportunity and to have my friends and coworkers here, but I miss my family so much. I miss my cat, and my friends. Be home soon McLovin!:)

    McLovin Bear 🐻
I think the most important thing at this point is to remember why I’m choosing to run and ride– in the long and short of it it makes me supremely happy. With everything going on, it calms me down, gives me a goal to chase and makes me feel like electricity- like I can do anything. Like I can accomplish something I was never meant to, and like being born with a disability was a speed bump rather than a wall.
Time to go finish this Janis Joplin documentary and listen to the rain. I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Time to go put on some Karma from Lush and handle it. 😄😋✌🏼️Peace, man. 

Nothing better than crunching leaves in the fall