Thursday, September 3, 2020

HOW is Summer Almost Over!?

 Summer is coming to a close in what is officially the longest year on record for so many, and I'm getting a little sad about it. It may have to do with the fact that I abhor winter and love the sand and sun, but to a point it feels like I'm officially leaving behind those I've lost this year. I will forever miss and cherish all of the conversations with Conor, and wish he was still with us, and missing Brent Sterriker, too. I hope Brent knows the oil slick wheels he built those few years ago STILL get me stopped around the track by riders asking who built them. The last time this happened was a week ago! Striker Wheels forever, friend. ✌ Despite the heaviness, I'm trying my hardest to enjoy every bit of what's left by being as active as I can and making the time to connect with friends and loved ones. Obviously I can't contact everyone all the time, but since contact/communication is a two way street and we're all busy, I'm happy to cut myself some slack there. One thing we've been missing this summer has been access to a pool or a beach and snow cones. We decided to fix one of those things recently by getting a snow cone machine, lol! It arrived yesterday and was making delicious, sugar-free snow cones immediately! 😀 (I think we'll be adding a bit of sugar next time though!) Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting on the patio, soaking up the sun and enjoying some snowy fluffy sugary ice. 

I have also officially begun to build my mileage back up, and couldn't be happier about that! I'm taking it slowly and being smart about things (a.k.a. not building up too fast), but with 4 miles on the treadmill yesterday and a virtual Houston 5k today with my friends back home, I'm well on my way to long distance happiness. I don't have any race in mind yet, but it will be nice for now just to get back in half marathon shape, and weight! 🙈😬 Having this treadmill has been fun - actually a LOT more fun than a treadmill should ever be. It came with a free year of iFit, and we have been using it nonstop lately. iFit has trainer run workouts, and you have the option of allowing the trainer to control your speed and incline/decline on the machine or setting your own speed and incline/decline while following the class. You can also draw a running map anywhere in the world, (not sure about North Korea yet though) and you can run and watch a Google Maps street view go by. On these you set your own speed but the incline/decline will follow the map. The iFit program makes the miles zoom by, and it's also been so much fun trying out new routes. 

I bet you've never run the Golden Gate Bridge into oncoming traffic before lol! Still trying to get the hang of route-mapping. 

Oddly enough, when I ran this route in real life, there was still water in this exact area.

Despite so much loss this year, there have been some positive things as well. I went into 2020 with one bike, and thanks to a surplus of extra parts and finding a bad ass powder-coater/bike restorer in the area (thanks Groody Bros.!), I will be leaving 2020 with two bikes! I also managed to earn NINE national wins this year, and I'm very proud of that accomplishment. 

My 1st trip to South Dakota and I got to pick up three "firsts"!

On a different note, and something I've been thinking about lately...

A while back, I was in the process of re-writing my resume for the millionth time in preparation for a job search out of state, and I was complaining to a good friend of mine after our run about how I didn't get any help and no one seemed to care. I was feeling a bit hopeless and had begun feeling sorry for myself. She looked me dead in the eye and gave me some of the best advice I've gotten to this day. "No one will hand you anything, and they don't have time to care because they're too busy worrying about themselves. If you want something, YOU do the work and get yourself there." I'm forever thankful for her advice to this day, and I put it into practice any chance I got (starting with educating myself on resume writing and interviewing techniques). That advice is true, honest, and something I live by to this day, in many aspects of my life. 

It's okay to ask for help, but be open to taking advice and know that if someone takes time out of their busy day to help you, be thankful, ready to work, and don't waste their time. I once had an ex co-worker who needed resume help, and I offered to help her. I very quickly realized that she was fully expecting me to do it for her, and didn't want to expend the time to even try to lay it out (or spell check, for that matter); that's when I very smartly peaced-out. If you're waiting for anyone to hand you anything without YOU putting in the hard work to get there, you'll be waiting a loooong time. Anyways, thank you again for the advice *Tiff! 

*Tiffany's awesome. Everyone needs a friend like Tiffany. 👍 Catch you guys (or YA'LL in Texas-talk) later. 💖

How some of 2020 is making me (and I'm guessing you guys, too) feel lately. Just throw in a talking caterpillar and a Cheshire cat!