Thursday, September 27, 2018

To Run Or Not To Run

Recently I spoke with a good friend who told me that she was thinking of pulling out of a marathon early next year. She was upset about it but she was busy, and things with family and work were moving along at such a break neck pace she didn't have any time to train for it, let alone take any time for herself. She felt badly about it, about the need to take on a little less and rearrange some items on her plate.

I'm no stranger to those feelings of guilt as well. I would get so caught up in doing really well at something I love that when it came time to make room for some other necessary life occurrences I felt like I was losing something. Like I couldn't handle things if I put something to the side for a minute. Riding my bike and running made me SO happy, not only to just get outside and do them but also because I could feel myself becoming better at something. I didn't want to lose that sense of pride and speed and strength that came along with the constant workouts.
I realized that I needed to make time for other things in my life that could help me in the future, and I slowly came to the realization that while I needed to adjust my time accordingly, I still got to do what I loved. Not being able to go to as many races, both bike races and running, didn't make me any slower or mean I loved it any less than anyone else. It simply meant that I needed to take stock of the current situation and adjust. There will be other BMX and running races in the future, I just needed to train when I could and keep at it. I'm in it for the long haul, and I learned that to keep that longevity I did not need to burn myself out....again. Burn out is a WHOLE NOTHER blog lol!

My advice to her was pretty much the same as the conclusion I came to in the past; rearrange some things to get what you need done, and when you get the time to do what you truly love, give it your all, and let it make you happy! Don't worry if you can't make a certain race because of time constraints, there will be another one. I hope this was the right advice, because I always want to give good advice, and it's something I live by as well. Anyways, enough adulting, I'm gonna go try to beat the rain later this evening and run faster than the mosquitos so they can't catch me! There will be bug spray involved as well 😌. You guys have a great Thursday!

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