Thursday, August 9, 2018

RUNderful Wednesday

The middle of the week is here, WOOHOO!!!! We've made it this far guys, so SMILE. 😊😊 I've been thinking about attitude and positivity, and how to keep it going even when times get tough, and what I've learned is that there is no simple answer. However, YOU are responsible for your own happiness; no one else can do it for you. I love reading funny or inspirational things, whatever makes me smile or think about something in a different way. My pick of the week is:


Running in the Texas summer, no matter how early you wake up or how late you run is a feat all on its own. It's hot, humid and just plain stifling, but I love it! Before you think I'm crazy, let me explain. 

First, I'm a huge fan of training. I love putting in the time it takes to build up to that great race time or longer mileage. That feeling of knowing I can learn something or get better at something little everyday keeps me inspired and going strong. Knowing that I'm sweating it out in the summer gives me all the feels for that wonderful fall and winter season, also known as race season. 

Second, I care about my running times SO much less in the summer, and in turn that takes a lot of unnecessary stress off and I can just focus on having fun and seeing something new/finding new views when I run. Just knowing that I got out there at all is sort of like running in the rain- it makes me feel like a badass. A heavily sunscreen-ed overly panting badass. 

Third, now that I've been running for a few years I know how much lower mileage times get from season to season, and that is a GREAT feeling, even if I don't care about my summer times. 😋

And last, running with friends is priceless. It's a blast and it makes those summer morning miles just fly by (pun intended ha!). 

What are some of your favorite things about running in the summertime? 

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