Monday, August 13, 2018

Volunteer Weekend

This past weekend I got to be one of the volunteers and coaches in the USA BMX Racing League. It is part of a multi weekend course aimed at introducing brand new riders to the sport of BMX. I haven't volunteered in a year or two, and it felt so good to be out there and also be representing and hanging out with some other members of my team, Gold's Gym, as well as other volunteers and coaches. Despite the August heat, the kids and adults all loved it. This weekend we went over holding your line and turns,  and after that we held mock races. My neighbor's were also out there having a blast, and my boyfriend flew down and hung out during the league. After the morning was over we were so tired. We ate lunch and laid around and nothing more got done that day lol! I can't wait to help again with the league when it begins again in September, so until then I will be training, running and racing my heart out. 💖😎

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