Monday, August 6, 2018

Eating Healthier - Week 2 (& 1st Fall Off the Wagon)

Two weeks have come and gone since I decided to take a greater interest in my diet and eating healthy, and I am surprised at how great I still feel. I though making it to the end of August would be super tough, but so far it's been great. With exception to a cheat day (that was a disaster I'll talk about later), I remained on a no unnecessary sugar, 95% cut out processed food (I had a cup of ramen) diet. I have been training like normal, as well as kept my normal sleep habits. 

Workouts have felt a lot better, and I am able to fully accomplish more of the workouts my trainer has me on. This week I discovered that the HEB near me has an orange plate deal. The food is pre cooked, and for around $5 you can get a protein and 2 vegetables. It's been really good because not only has it been healthy but it also gives me ideas on what to make at home later. 

On Saturday I decided to stop by a Mexican fast food place on my way back from Austin. I was tired and justified to myself that a cheat day was okay. Fast forward to that night and I was up feeling SO sick to my stomach after eating that greasy taco bowl that was my taco salad. Sunday became a rest in bed all day day, so... BIG lesson learned. 💁


Last week I'm not gonna lie, I fell behind on making my overnight oats and relied on a Nutra Grain bar every once in a while. DEFINITELY going to get back on that wagon tomorrow though. 


For lunch this week I have still been eating salads and every once in a while cup of soup, like chicken tortilla. Below is an easy recipe I've been loving. Click the link in the caption if you're interested. 😄

source - click here for the recipe


For dinner I've been keeping it relatively the same with a protein, starch and vegetable. With my training being later at night it has been a lot harder to cook something. Sometimes if a training night goes late I'll cook my dinner, eat half and save the rest to have with lunch the next day. That way I don't waste fresh food. Below is tilapia (I know it isn't that great, but there wasn't any salmon), carrots and chipotle quinoa salad, all from HEB as part of the choices in their orange plates. Chicken and broccoli have also become my best friend. ❤


Yep, still stickin' with fresh fruit if I am yearning for a dessert, and it's working! 

2 weeks down and 4 to go!!! Woohoo! 

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