Thursday, May 31, 2018

Feeling Accomplished!

I have been on cloud 9 for the last day! Do you know that feeling you get when you FINALLY accomplish something that seemed SO impossible and scary? Well, that just happened. For the last few weeks my trainer has been giving me workouts with new gym machines, and not having any experience around weight machines, I have always been terrified of going into the weight lifting section on the gym. I let my fear control what I did, and it severely limited me. I hated giving in to my fear and anxiety, but I just couldn't bring myself to go over and use the machines.


Last year I knew someone from Austin who lifted weights at the gym, and on his Instagram he would film unknowing people using the weight equipment, post it on his Instagram and write captions making fun of them. I did unfollow this person, and I realize that's not normal (ex-military and being an adult, he should know better), but my fear of being made fun of by someone like him kept me from branching out.


Recently, even though I couldn't even venture into that part of the gym without my stomach knotting up and my heart racing, my trainer has continued encouraging me while giving me alternative options to do. Finally, while doing a warm up on the exercise bike, I noticed that the smith machine was free. I don't know what the heck came over me but I just went for it, and you know what?? It wasn't bad at all. No one made fun of me and I left the other day feeling on top of the world.  

Smith machines - source

That's the big lesson I learned: Try something new that's good for you, even if it's scary and you have to try many times to get up the courage to do it. It's small, but I feel so much braver having done it. Also, ignore those who want to make fun of you or tease you, in the end it's their loss.

What's something new you want to try? 

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