Friday, June 1, 2018

Packing for a Race

Our weather is supposed to be sunny and beautiful this week- it's also supposed to hit almost 100 Saturday and Sunday. (Thank you, Movie Pass, for giving me plenty of cold movie theatres to sit in this month.) I'd like to say the heat and me leaving are a direct planned correlation, but...😂

I'm almost all packed up for a flight to go see Y and hang out for the weekend! We are also putting our matching shoes to good use and running the Hospital Hill 7.7 M Run this Saturday. It's getting pretty hot to be running races but I got a late start this year and am really looking forward to it, and to BMX practice later. I'm a girl who brings the bare basics when she packs, so my problem is always forgetting something. Does anyone else have that issue?

I'm pretty low maintenance and so far I've been loving shorts and t shirts to hangout in for the Summer (technically Spring but I'm going by heat index lol), so this has been pretty easy to plan out. My latest shirt:

Anything with a hiking pun is pure gold

Bring on the weekend! Now all I've got to do is make sure I get on the right plane. 😃

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