Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend Re-cap: Enjoying the Houston Springtime

Those first weeks of Spring are always so enjoyable in Texas! The sun’s out, birds are singing, allergy pills are available from your local shop, and the temperature tops out somewhere around the high 70’s. With every one of these factors in the mix, I had to go out with friends and enjoy this weekend to its fullest potential.

SPI Belt was nice enough to send me their limited edition large pocket belt in the Havana print. It’s perfect for holding my keys, gels, money, ID and phone, and this one is big enough to hold the larger phones like the iPhone 8 plus and Galaxy Note 8. The print is so gorgeous, and I love their belts so much. I love to run with them because they’re not bulky and don’t bounce around when I run. I also wear them while riding my bike and have used them in hikes a few times. They also have an easy clean factor, which I love; just throw them in the washing machine and lay to dry (you might be able to dry it, but I don’t like to machine dry my running stuff). I tried out my new SPI Belt on a long run this Saturday at the park. Memorial park is amazing, and the trails are tiny pea gravel trails, so much easier on your joints. I had originally planned on a 6-mile run (each lap is 3 miles), but even with the high humidity, I was so happy to be out there I decided to add an extra lap in, making it 9 miles for the day. It was such a fun yet tough run, and the entire time my belt didn’t bounce around or bother me once. I’m so thankful to SPI Belt for letting me try the new size and print and will be sticking with this company for my key and GU and ID and phone holding needs, thank you SPI Belt!!!!

After my run I hurried home to get ready for my brother’s birthday celebration. Family means a lot to me and it was great to celebrate with everyone. We ate at a cute bar and grill that was half inside and half outside. There were plenty of sand and slides and everything the kids there could want, plus a double chocolate cake and great food. Long run cheat day consisted of a cobb salad and plenty of fried pickles! I don’t know what it is about fried pickles, but they’re good. I got to play with my little nephew, and instead of running around, he wanted to sit next to a little man-made stream and dip his feet in the water. With the birds chirping and some golfers walking by, it was nice and peaceful. 

On Sunday, I met Robyn and Tiffany near the CentennialGardens for an early morning run. We did a 4.5 mile run in Hermann Park, and it was so much fun. I have never been along that trail and there was so much to see. We did an easy out and back, making it back in time for the Houston Kite Festival. We had been planning this for the last month, so the idea of meeting early there to run worked out really well. By the time we got back there were lines of cars still trying to find parking. We grabbed some waters and kites and walked over to the Miller Outdoor Theatre to join the celebration. There were so many beautiful kites out and the crowd was happy and laid back. Robyn let me fly her kite, which was nice of her. I hadn’t flown a kite since I was maybe 5, so it was a cool experience. We met up with Victoria, her husband and baby and a few of their friends and just spent the next few hours talking and laughing and flying our kites.

We packed up after a few hours and made our way over to the multitude of yummy smelling food trucks set up to the right of the kite fliers. Thanks to Robyn’s suggestion we tried a Vietnamese/Mexican/Korean fusion truck called Nom Mi Street. Tiffany and I had tofu banh mi sandwiches that were simply to die for, and Robyn for a kimchi quesadilla that looked amazing.

By the time I got home around 2 pm I was beat! The rest of Sunday was super chill and included a few movies and a family dinner. I hope you all had fun too. Back to Monday..

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