Monday, April 2, 2018

10k Training and the Easter Weekend

Oh's...MONDAY. UGH. Usually I'm a lot more animated and happy, but I need about 8 more hours of sleep today....

As I sit at lunch writing this, some delicioso leftover fajita on my fork and my want of a nap stronger than any force Luke can muster, I'm happy. A tired kind of happy. It's been a busy weekend but one that I'm proud to say was well worth it. I have two more weeks to train for a high elevation 10k, and while I have not been able to find a 10-12 story parking garage to run on weekends that feels safe, I did get some good and interesting trail running in.
Saturday I ran 6 miles, two of which were on a pretty flat and fairly easy trail with small inclines. It was so beautiful out - 70 degrees and sunny with flowers everywhere and everything impossibly green, even through my sunglasses. Saturday evening I got out to Pearland BMX to get some track practice in on my cruiser while the 20 inch is in the shop. The track was in great shape, and I had a ton of fun riding it, even though the cruiser is not my favorite bike. 

Sunday was long run day. It was another beautiful day, and I saw a kayaker slowly rowing by on the bayou. After the past few weekends of 9 miles, I upped it to 10 this weekend. Six of those miles were on dirt trail, and this trail was a bit harder and rockier than I was used to. It was  a ton of fun, but for the rocks I will be wearing my Brooks trail shoes next time. Despite being Easter, there were still a few people out on the trail, and everyone was having a great time. I had fun running and stopping to smell the flowers (and take photos of them!). I still need more practice running at a costant steep incline, since Hershey Park offers only slight inclines, but my legs are feeling it a bit from being on the trails. (Most likely this training will have to be on the dreadmill.) Sometimes we don't realize all the new muscles it takes to run off of a paved pathway. I hope this helps a bit, even though this run will not be at all what I'm used to. I am a firm believer that it's always good to push the envelope and try new things, and while it will be tough, I think it will be so much fun. If I can this week, I'm going to find a hill and do some repeats. That might help the adjustment with getting used to inclines.

Just so you get an idea, here is the elevation chart:

Yep, I'm gonna die.

After my long run I headed back to the house to get cleaned up and joined my family and friends for our Easter get together. We had the best fajitas, and watched their kids hunt for Easter Eggs and play. They were absolutely adorable and such a blast to be around, but with everything packed into two days, I am SO tired now.
They found the golden eggs!
Cutest niece ever award
I actually spent money on a sugar filled peppermint mocha frap at Starbucks today, and that NEVER happens. Desperate times call for desperate measures guys. If the U.S. could institute a siesta time, that's be greeeaaatttt. :)

Are you training for anything different, and how do you adjust for it? 

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