Friday, March 23, 2018

Hill Yeah!!!

Happy Spring and happy hill time guys! Woohoo! Hill running is pretty rare in Houston. I've run hills before, and they pretty much consist of short gently rolling grades leading to more flat land. I ran very short hills in Austin while I was there working, but I didn't want to be there, so I wasn't taking my training seriously or eating right, and was trying hard to get back into the right mental space. Hills are gorgeous though, a pretty change to the flat fields we have around here, and I still get a kick out of running a hill whenever I see a little one.
Recently I decided to sign up for a real mountain trail run with friends, a 10k up a pretty steep grade, and am SO stoked!! Mt. Diablo here we come! Recently I've just been trying to up my mileage, but this new adventure has me seeking out anything hill shaped. I'm new at the elevation thing, so am not really sure how to really approach my training. This weekend I'm going to find a few hills and continue doing repeats until my legs are rubber, BUT with a smile on my face, because I have been loving the challenge lately, as I get back into my stride (pun totally intended). 
Running those hills is an opportunity to prove to myself that I'm stronger than I could imagine. Whatever hard thing we decide to take on also teaches us that while something can be tough, never give up. I do also love that feeling of swooshing down the other side! This has been a year of firsts so far, and a year of trying to get out of my comfort bubble. Also, who doesn't want to run up a beautiful mountain with their best friends??! It's time to research some hill training, and here's to a new challenge! 

Get out there and run your hill, whatever that may be! 

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