Wednesday, January 29, 2020

RUN(derful) & RIDE(rful) Wednesday

HAPPY WEDNESDAY GUYS! Ahhhh! We made it! It's all downhill from here (and that's GREAT news when it comes to running and biking). 😄

No matter what goes on in our lives, it's important to live in the moment and to focus on what's important to us, weather that something is a lifelong passion, a new hobby, or something you decided to pick back up after a long pause. We all have different trajectories in life, and that includes starting over or picking up where we left off. 

This week's thoughts include:
Falling down can include a variety of things. At times it's very literal, as in "Susie was riding her bike, rode over a rock and fell, skinning both knees.", or it could be something less tangible, such as, "John lost his mojo for racing. It was just gone one day...but today, he woke up with a newfound love for it an decided to get back in shape." Weather it's a physical fall or a mental wall to work through, it's OK- everyone has those moments, but when you get up and fight for what you want, do it with your own version of passion and fire. Don't be afraid to just go for it and never be afraid to fail. Sometimes getting up is the part that requires the fire. It's okay not to pop right back up after something damaging happens. When I took my time off from sports this holiday break, it stretched into almost two months and included a bad head cold, homesickness and the winter blues. I subsequently put on weight, and now I need to lose the weight, along with getting my strength and cardio endurance back. It's frustrating. It was something I couldn't just "pop" right back up from; I need to work through not only physical challenges holding me back, but I had to get through what was mentally blocking me from getting up and getting out there. I'm getting back up slowly; each day is a new challenge but I'm getting there. We're all works in progress, and it's a beautiful journey, so never forget that. Remember- when you get up, don't forget to bring that fire! 💥

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