Tuesday, January 21, 2020

One Small Step...Winter Blahs and Getting Back Up

Winter so far has been a challenge. Not being able to do anything outside makes me sad. Sure, it's all new and fun before the holidays, but now we're slogging towards the end of January with no respite in view. I find myself on the couch more often than not these days, since the mere thought of setting foot outside in weather hovering in the teens makes me want to curl into a ball until March. In Houston, the super cold weather (I'm talking about the good ol' 30's) lasts about 2 weeks max. In my whole life I've never had to deal with running, especially training for a marathon, in weather that can cause hypothermia, grow icicles on your eyelashes after a mile, or slam you down on the pavement thanks to black ice. Regardless, it's time to get moving, even when I don't want to.

Newton's first law of motion says it best; "An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force."

Along the line somewhere I got derailed from my training. Sometimes these forces are external, such as catching a bug, getting hurt, the holidays, weather, etc. Sometimes these forces are internal, such as a changed mentality. I would say that besides getting hurt, all of the above worked in tandem, leaving me a sad, pathetic lump on the couch. Newton was a smart man, at least in the realm of physics, and I've decided to take a page from his book, get up, and start moving again (especially when I don't want to).

Starting to move again is hard, and I don't look forward to the frustrating feelings of being winded after a two mile run, or losing the mile time I worked so hard in the Summer to attain, but Big Sur is coming up in April, I have to finish it, and I refuse to sit around moping any longer.

Along with the idea of working out, a home treadmill would be AWESOME! Having my own treadmill is a long term goal, something I plan on doing as soon as I can finish paying off my student loans. I have friends who have no loans weighing on them, and I imagine feeling that free one day. I also have friends who continue to defer their loans while making purchases on expensive and/or designer items they don't need. Personally, that's not for me. I don't feel that ignoring loans in favor of keeping up with the Jonses is a smart approach to life, but to each their own. I will continue to visit the gym for a good run in the cold (and any bad) weather, and when that time comes to FINALLY get my own treadmill (cue sound of the heavens opening up here), it will feel all that much sweeter. Thank you, Y, for talking some sense into me.

As for tonight, I am taking my first small step (two miles worth in fact), toward marathon training. And it's going to be ROUGH, but it's time to get my body back into motion. I may not be able to handle cold weather like a true mid-westerner, and it's not ideal, but I'm a tough girl nonetheless. Hold my coat while I treadmill it up like no one's business! 😀👋

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