Monday, December 3, 2018

Marathon Training: Week 10

I can't believe my first marathon is coming up in January! All those last few years of thinking about it and knowing that I wasn't ready to commit to training for one seemed like forever ago, and now it's real and I couldn't be more excited (and nervous - let's not lie here lol!). For the marathon plan I'm following, I chose one for beginner runners who have about a year of running under their belt. While I'm not a beginner, I wanted to work more on hills, technique and speed and I feel that this plan will allow me to do that to a greater extent come January for April's marathon. 

Week 10 felt just tiring. This was a busy week at work and the running helped me burn off stress, but after coming off of vacation mode it's tough to get back into my regular habits. Regardless, I pulled it together and ran my miles, and yes, most of them were HAPPY miles. 😎

The week 10 breakdown went like this:

Monday 11/26: Rest Day. I feel that normally I would be so happy to pick up the mileage again tomorrow, but honestly I feel like this marathon is coming up a bit too fast and with my holiday vacation and feeling not so great, I wonder if I'm ready for what's in store.

Tuesday 11/27: 4 miles in the park. Loved it AND got to try out some AWEOSME leggings from 😎 I LOVE her Instagram and her blog and she was nice enough to send me a pair, and I'm so thankful! They are the cutest, most comfortable leggings I've ever owned. If you want  your own pair, message her on her Instagram @thetruekitchenvixen and she will point you to her online shop! 

I was SO happy when these arrived (except my eyes are still after work super tired eyes lol)!! 

Wednesday 11/28: Rest day woohoo!! I really needed the time after work to clean up around the house and do laundry so this afforded me the time to do all that. I'm all for running every day but there's not enough hours in the day. Don't even get me started on the lack of Christmas shopping going on.

Thursday 11/29: 6 warm, humid and slightly rainy park miles. It was awesome! My speed hasn't picked up yet but I'm feeling stronger each and every time I go out there.

Friday 11/30: Rest day again, but that was cool because I used this time after work to finish up laundry and pack for the weekend. 

Saturday 12/1: 4 miles early this morning, then I got in the car (thank goodness for packing on Friday) and made the 3 hour trip to San Antonio to pick Yuan up at the airport and meet Jess and her mom up at the Rock n Roll Marathon expo and to pick up our race packets. This race sort of crept up on both of us when we realized it was this weekend. That's what you get for pre-signing last Summer sometime during national running day to save money. 😂

Sunday 12/2: Rock n Roll Half Marathon San Antonio day!!!! Yay!!! I've always wanted to run one of these and I wasn't disappointed. I'll talk about the whole experience in another blog, but it was definitely worth going!

The trick to running haha! 

We got to meet Des Linden, winner of the 2018 Boston Marathon!! How cool is that?!?!

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