Friday, September 14, 2018

Rainy Season

Houston, rainy season is upon us! I learned my lesson about September/October races a few years ago when I signed up for the Houston Half Marathon with friends. Training was going great, the weather was becoming a touch cooler, and the theme song from Rocky was on loop in my head as I successfully completed my long runs and followed that up with a long shower and some homemade pancakes. Then, the day before the event, rain. Rain everywhere. It rained so much that not only did they have to cancel the race, but cars couldn't even drive down into that area. Don't get me started about how some runners took to the Facebook race page complaining about not getting their medal. Why anyone would want a medal for a race they haven't run is beyond me. Needing to be in possession of a trophy at all to feel good is just strange. It doesn't mean you are any faster, slower, etc. Anyway, back to the weather. it rained cats and dogs ALL day Dwight Schrute.
It's been raining so much in our area that cross training has become even more essential. The BMX tracks have been waterlogged for a month +, but luckily I have been able to get outdoors for a some good runs between bouts of rain. It led to some beautiful sky views, but keep in mind, if you are running around any standing water, do spray yourself liberally with bug spray. It's so much nicer if you have to stop for a water break, etc. I have been loving the Avon Skin So Soft kind, it really stays on and it doesn't smell bad. I do have an issue with the screw top on my bottle leaking if turned over, but I think the bottle is just defective. 


I have been sticking to the pavement and have really been missing my weekly trail runs. I have been planning a few runs on some dirt trails in the area I've never tired before, so as soon as the ground is hard again I'm going over there. My brother is into riding mountain bikes, so I find out about the trails from him, and also for the All Trails app, which is pretty cool. 100 Acre Wood, here I come! 

Since today is a rest day mileage wise, and a cross training day that I can do at home, I'd say I'm in pretty good shape. I like running in the rain some days more than others, and today is a dry day. Tomorrow may be a different matter! 

What's your favorite thing about a rainy day? 

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