Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why I'm Not A Fashion Blogger

I love a good fashion blog every once in a while; they serve two purposes in my life:

1.) They make me feel "happy" and "blessed" and all those positive words put on Pinterest-y home dΓ©cor, and inspire me in my daily search for that super cute outfit that just screams, "OMG let me take a million pictures of you - you look so TUMBLR!!!" Snap! Snap! Snap!


2.) Depending on the day, I feel like a naughty red-faced kid in Catholic school about to receive the reward of a  well aimed slap on the wrist by a nun holding a ruler (do they DO that anymore?? According to my father, it hurt - ALOT).

Workin it. 
Top secret trick: The best time to take photos is after 5 mile runs. 
No, really. πŸ˜‚

That said, I like fashion blogs, and fashion bloggers, and anyone who aims to have perfectly coiffed hair everyday and to match their nails to their purses. I love fashion as much as the next girl (or guy), but the challenge of rolling out of bed and matching everyday feels harder than successfully finishing the entire course of American Ninja Warrior, including the fire thing at the end - that's the hair curler to top everything off.

In my spare time I do two things really well: run far and practice going fast on my bike. Neither of these two hobbies inspire the need to curl and foundation and lipstick and skirt it up. Usually if I'm lucky after all that working out, my legs get a good shave, my hair gets a deep conditioning mask with ample time to dry before bed (many times not), and I get to put on whatever Korean or Lush face mask I picked up the previous weekend. The outfit for the day, or OOTD, for all you You Tube, hashtag and fashion savvy readers out there, usually consists of similar things in different colors and patterns.

I tried though, I really really did.


I got lucky with BMX because my team dictates my uniform, and luckily my team manager Bryan has REALLY good taste, so that's one issue off the table. When I first began running though, waaaay in the beginning, all my outfits matched. They were pink and cute and even had pink shoes to go with them, and my double French braids were always on point. How adorable!! However, as time rolled by and the need to shop for more outfits became necessary, I matched less and less. Wah wah wahhhh. Fashion police - come at me. I need to find a running fashion blogger - do they even have those online?


Fashion is fun, and well, trying is half the battle. I am going to be rocking my mismatching racewear with confidence, and hey, if it looks really weird I'll just run fast and no one will notice. Even though I will never be that "put together" to enter even the outside realm of the fashion blogger wormhole, I'm going to have a TON of fun picking out new clothes to wear on race day! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜


What's your favorite fashion-fail running outfit? 

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