Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's My Runniversary!!!!!!


They always say times flies when you're having fun, and in this case I'm pretty sure it did. It is now officially my (4th—thanks Jess!) runnivarsary (WOOHOO!!), and while the past 4 years haven't been the smoothest ride, deciding to keep trying got me to where I am now, which I am eternally thankful for. Through these past years of race bibs, running friends, music playlists (then NO music playlists), wardrobes changing from pink and girly to Nike Tempos (some still pink), and traveling to my first out of state races, running has contributed in large part to helping me move away from the negative relationships and things in life holding me back. It's given me a quiet place to think, a feeling of accomplishment almost every day and most importantly it's enhanced my ability to set and see through goals from short to long term. Don't you love the feeling of going for a goal even if people around you are telling you that you can't do it, and accomplishing that goal anyway? On that note, never, EVER, let someone tell you what you can and can not do. Since I started running I feel more present in everyday life. I am no longer waiting for the future without really enjoying the time I have now. I've also enjoyed meeting so many people through running, discovering so many cool blogs to read and starting my own as well. Here's to 4 more great years! Cheers!

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