Thursday, October 29, 2020

Trick or Treat! A.K.A., I’ll Just Buy Myself Some Skittles

 Who else is excited for Halloween!!?? 🎃 Because THIS girl is! 😎 I don't have plans for this day, really I'm just super excited to pull on my favorite (uh..and only!) llama onesie (complete with llama face on the hood) and hang around the house (and maybe the car wash) in it all day! Aside from being a LITTLE stir-crazy with this cold spell we're having (a.k.a. winter), getting to wear a llama onesie and possibly eat some skittles seems like an OK day, that and I stopped dressing up as "sexy" everything after college. Let's see, in college I was a sexy maid, sexy sailor, sexy Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), and sexy Dutch girl, to name a few. I also had frat parties, house parties, and clubs to go to all the time. Those were fun, but for one, it's way too cold for that here, and two, onesies are WAY more comfortable. Plus, if you're not going to a party, what's the point of hanging around in a sexy anything costume? No, thank you. The llama costume is definitely pretty awesome though, and I like it a lot. Here's the llama onesie in all its glory from last Halloween. Yes, I am a costume repeat offender, lol. 

The second-annual no drama llama Halloween.

Sailor costume at a sorority/fraternity Halloween party.

If you ain’t first...

I don't think I'll ever get used to the Midwest winters, especially since I love going outside year round, but I AM learning how to effectively layer, and that has been a life saver many times over here. Growing up in Houston meant that layering consisted of a hoodie over a long sleeved t shirt, so there was a lot to learn. 

Being stuck in the house means that it is always super clean, the dishes are always washed and the laundry is always done, so huge benefit there. I also really love our house, so keeping it clean rarely feels like a chore. Recently, my mom got in a cleaning mood as well, and she told me to expect a pod delivered to our driveway with some of my stuff I didn't have room for in my move. I'm a bit nervous since we have to find room in the house to put said stuff, and we just got everything how we like it, including the gym. Unnecessary clutter is something I despise more than sour cream, so putting everything away might take a while. I am excited to pull out my custom made birthday dress though, a silver sequined tube top dress with a pink tutu bottom to it. It’s buried in a box of old clothes somewhere. What can I say? I know how to ring in a birthday with style. 💅🎈🎉

January’s in Houston were (and still are) unpredictable. Sometimes you can go out to celebrate and it’s 80 degrees.

Today's my day off- training, not work- and while I should probably learn to embrace a day off here or there, it drives me crazy. When I get to program in a virtual run on the treadmill or do a class on the bike or with weights upstairs, it wears me out and gets me out of my head. 2020, combined with this newly colder weather, has made me feel more stir crazy than ever before, and I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark when I say that many of you probably feel the same way. 

Today's outfit...well, not the whole outfit, just the best part of it (jeans are boring).

Working out aside, I've been reading a lot more, and have discovered some really good books. My taste in literature is all over the place, so poetry by Pablo Neruda might come right before Glamorama, or vice versa. It's been fun. Currently I'm reading How to Murder Your Life, an autobiography by ex-Conde Nast beauty editor Cat Marnell. Cat isn't the most likeable woman in this book, and while the thought of being friends with her (non sober) in real life would have me running for the hills, I love how candid and unapologetic she is regarding her addiction to drugs and alcohol, starting in high school and remaining like that for years to come. If you're looking for an interesting read, this is definitely one. A Man Called Ove surprised me as well, but that was a hard one to read since it deals with thoughts of suicide, and my year has been affected by that pretty strongly already. The book was so good though, that I read it all the way to the end and would give this one two big thumbs up! 


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