Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Feelin' Thrifty

Running these last few weeks has been a blast, but every once in a while I do take the time to get off the trails and roads and out of my running shoes- usually for a nice long shower, a pair of denim shorts, a shirt with some kind of running or pun-tastic graphic on it and a good long Summer hair air-dry (runner hair don't care, right?? 😎). Contrary to my appearing lackadaisical in my choice of fashion, it has always been something I consider an art form, and is something I have a great appreciation for nonetheless. That said, when the miles are logged and the weights are lifted and the track is ridden, I like to go on the hunt for something fun in some unlikely places.

I'm viewing this as FAUX fur, b.t.w.

As many of my friends know, I'm a thrifter at heart. Going to the mall is nice for some things, but what makes my heart sing (aside from running of course 😄) is a good thrift store off the beaten path, or a nicely curated (while still moderately priced) vintage shop. Recently, in my exploration of the Kansas City area I've been able to check out a few thrift shops near me, as well as a vintage shop with my boyfriend (I'll share it with you in a later post). So far I checked out Goodwill, Savers and City Thrift. For those in the area, 4-11 on City Thrift on Shawnee Mission is that the manager educated himself on vintage, gathered a bunch of it, put it in a separate area and marked it up like crazy. Wait?! Whaaaa? Yes- that's crazy. Isn't the point of a thrift shop to find vintage without paying giant marked up prices? Regardless, I still managed to find some really cool pieces the manager missed AND scored them at pretty good prices. Vintage haul later with tips, anyone?

In case anyone's interested in what I found from a recent (non-vintage) haul, keep scrolling. My haul today is from Savers. I hadn't ever been in a Savers (we didn't have them in Houston) and wanted to check it out. Price wise they aren't the best, and they are a gold mine as long as you aren't looking for anything vintage. Below is what I found:

This little blurry number was J. Crew. I think it would go so well with some navy blue paper bag style capris I have.

Ann Taylor Loft cute embroidered top

Anthropologie cotton tank (new with the $58 price tag still on it)

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport white tank. I was looking for a white top that will go with a lot, and this fits the bill for Summer.

Black Limited tank top, again, I wanted some solid tops for Summer and this was a good fit (pun intended haha!)

Unlined no-name maxi dress. I just need a slip and this baby's good to go for something light to wear on a Summer night out.

I forget the brand name on this one, but it wasn't something I recognized. The dress is off the shoulder and flairs out and is beautiful though! I can't wait to wear it.

I have absolutely NO idea why I bought this other than 1.) it's PINK 2.) It represents CALIFORNIA and 3.) I used to work here. It'll be cute to lounge in.

Because nothing makes me feel like the digital loving, recycling, succulent loving millennial that I am than this Go Green t-shirt. That and I grew up with EPA Earth Day posters all over my bedroom walls. 👌✌

A Star Wars brand Star Wars tee. 'Nough said.

New York & Co. button up blouse, perfect for cuffing the sleeves, safety pinning them and tying the bottom (once it's laundered and ironed of course). Bam. you look like you just went to Anthro and dropped a paycheck (or two).

Roxy brand sundress. Isn't it ADORABLE? ❤

I lied. I found ONE vintage piece by Hang Ten. It's a suuuuper high-waisted skirt with pockets. I fell in love. 

That's my haul for now, and I'd love to see some of yours. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some laundry to do, more miles to run and one of those kettlebells to swing.


  1. Love all of these finds! Can’t wait to thrift together again! :)

    1. Thank you love! And I can't wait to see you and go thrifting too! :)