Monday, January 14, 2019

The Uselessness of Doing Too Much

2019 has brought with it continued changes that I'm so excited for. Sometimes we don't know how much things are really going to change-- other times we know about it and have spent countless man-hours planning everything to a "T". With so many changes (jobs, moving, etc.) it can be tough to understand the how/what/when/where of prioritization and plan follow-through, and that's something I've been diligently working on.
I read a few articles recently that talk about being busy. We can be SO busy, genuinely feeling that we are doing all we can in a situation, but really we can be going about it all wrong and in turn wasting a heck of a lot of time we don't have. That happened to me right out of college when I was looking for my first job. I had no idea how to write a resume, network, apply, etc., and it's something I'm still refining. I thought the best way to find a job was to have a resume listing my job duties and to pepper it out into the world (or really, the online resume black hole). I was spending so much time on this and getting no results, and at the time I was depressed, frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. After many resume re-writes and a gathering of different opinions I began applying again. Still not much until I began networking. I don't have a large network but what I did have worked for me. I didn't exactly get my dream job out of college, but I got a job. Now I can take what I have learned in the years prior, build on that and keep going, but without the unnecessary time-wasting I had been doing before.

I also used to think that I needed to train harder when it came to sports (don't get me wrong, training hard is GREAT), but with those beliefs I completely ignored the concept of training SMARTER. For example, I wasted a lot of time running those long miles every single day when I could have been changing it up with track workouts, cross training, etc. I could have been less bored with a switch up, as well as more in shape and better prepared to run the next race due to a strong core, different muscles being in shape, a fresher outlook on things, etc.

My goals -- I'm emphatically NOT calling this new year goals or anything of the sort- those never work- more like life goals, but they are goals nonetheless, are to try my best NOT to spend too much time doing things that don't have an impact and just waste time. I think I'm still trying to figure that out, but I'm a lot farther along than last year, and that growth is what I'm most proud of and thankful for.

What are some goals you'd like to see through?

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