Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy Fri-YAY (and adulting life)!


I don't know how exactly I made it to Friday this week. I figured I would eventually, but slogging through each day with a cold or whatever the heck it is hasn't been fun. It's also car payment day, so getting a little money back in my account after paying my student loan was awesome until the car payment came out this same day, making me regret the fact that I picked up a few pairs of new jeans and a puffer vest for the winter. I'm looking forward to being able to run again tomorrow, after a break since the 23rd of last month (that's why there hasn't been a workout week update posted in a while). The holiday season has been tough in the running department, and being sick hasn't helped either, so I'm looking forward to getting back on the right track soon.

I have my FIRST EVER (yay!) endurance class at RacePace scheduled in for tomorrow morning. Classes make me a little nervous, and I imagine a room full of intimidatingly super chiseled runners on the treadmills pounding away, but I realize that's crazy to assume (and even if they are all super chiseled, so what?? I'm sure everyone's really nice, and they're inspirational.). Therefore, for part of my 2019 goals I will attend more classes and try different things, including spinning. I might discuss them on this blog, in case anyone else is like me and needs a push to try something new.

Until tomorrow I fully plan on holing up in my room with more Netflix, hot tea and some Tylenol sinus and going to sleep early.

What's something new you tried and ending up falling in love with?

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