Monday, May 21, 2018

Training and Monday Motivation

This past weekend was fun but went by way too fast. Have you even had a weekend that was so busy it was better to just take off a few days and not train? That was this weekend for me, which brings me to the topic of rest days. I hate them. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE naps and to actually lay back and relax, but I hate the guilt that comes along with them. After a day or two I start to (falsely) feel like I'm losing so much muscle mass, speed, etc. etc. Sometimes a forced resting day or two is what we need.

Taking rest days is an essential part of training. After so many miles and weights and sprints, your muscles are tired and the only way to get better and stronger is to let them heal up and rebuild themselves. Resting allows us to catch up on sleep, something that is a very valuable commodity once we graduate college (and even during and before that). It also allows our minds to take a bit of a break, read a good book, hang out with a friend, see a movie or some other type of entertainment.


That said, rest time is over for me and I'll be hitting it hard tonight with some bike sprints (please stay away rain) and miles at the park. I signed up for a 7.7 mile run taking place in a few weeks and I'm hoping to get in some longer summer style mileage and a track workout or two. This run is another run up a hill (this is becoming a pattern), so I will be finding a hill around here to practice on. The treadmill is also good for adding in a little incline, but since the temperatures are about to soar for the next few months I will be taking advantage of the outdoors until then.


What do you like to do on rest days?

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