Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Living in the Arctic Tundra That KC Has Become

Happy Hump Day guys!!! 

I have my puffy coat, my USABMX beanie, and being from Texas, sometimes snow is pretty cool. I'll never admit it though.

It's been awhile since I've written anything, and one of my goals in 2021 is to write more here. For a while, it's been tough to write. Some events in the past year took away my drive and excitement, and for a while I didn't want to write about anything. In fact, I think I preferred, like a lot of people, to not have to look back on last year at all. Good things did happen though, and little by little I've begun coming to terms with the negatives. Even though Covid and the resulting issues slowed my travels down to pretty much only BMX racing, I've had a blast with it and have been making my own fun at home (hello, ice-dying!). We also adopted two kitties from the shelter, and they're so much fun to play with and be around! 

Meet Yoshi, our little polka dot Snowshoe kitty.

Yoshi and Tina (Belcher).
They are a bonded pair and are related (we think big sis little bro).
Adopting instead of shopping was the best decision! (Nothing against the other, though.)

I have mixed feelings about leaving 2020, because that means leaving some friends behind. They'll never experience 2021, and that gets to me. I think about it on the treadmill a lot; it's a tough thought to get  through, and an even tougher one to cement in writing. No matter what though, I try hard to do things that would make them proud, so in effect, maybe I am carrying a part of them into 2021 with me. I miss you everyday, Conor.

As always, winter in the beautiful Midwest is the usual mess of frozen tundra most days, this time including Oklahoma and Texas, which has been mind-blowing. Wearing two pairs of tights, including all the other needed layers, only to go outside and feel your face tighten, then lose all feeling, isn't something I like. In fact, I've always disliked it enough to get in the car and head to the gym for my off-season workouts. I used to fight it, but you know what? I'm OK with it. Having a treadmill this year has helped with my motivation levels, and I've been running nearly everyday on it, taking classes and running virtual races. I feel stronger, not to mention happy that I can look at the beautiful snow while not floundering around in it.


What my kitty tries to do and why we have to put him upstairs when it's treadmill time, lol! 

Speaking of the cold, we were all set to go to the Sooner Nationals last weekend, but ended up cancelling when the temperatures dropped so low I felt uncomfortable getting there (close to 0), and I am SO glad I did. I will also mention that due to the cold, I felt there was no way to socially distance like we normally try to do, and after seeing photos of the area and stands, only about half the people were even wearing a mask. There are plenty of warmer nationals coming up, so this girl is going to wait it out! Good riding to friends and teammates who went. I’m so proud of your hard racing!

As for KC, I've got my fingers crossed that we get some not freezing temps soon, and I can't wait for Spring. Until then, I'll be getting ready. 


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