Thursday, October 1, 2020

Changing Teams...Sort Of, and Learning to Jump!

 Well, here it is, already October. I'm not sure quite how we got here, since 2020 has seemed long, daunting and very draining at times. I'm not saying that nothing good has happened, but after losing 3 friends and having members of my family catch the Coronavirus, all thanks to an (ex)employee who refused to stay home when he was sick with it...let's just say it's been a long year. Good things have happened though, and even with all the division going on, I have seen people coming together in the most remarkable ways, and it has made my heavy heart happy. 

Visiting Grinter Farms a few weekends back.
That was SO much fun! #localadventure

I've been running up a (lower mileage) storm on our treadmill very consistently, and the virtual routes and classes have made running on it so much fun! I actually WANT to run on a treadmill, and that would have NOT been me a few years ago. I'm also feeing more confident on hills and changing terrain, which is pretty cool. I also got moved up by my team, SSquared, from the Missouri team to the National team, and I'm so thankful and excited for the opportunity! SSquared has been really great to us, and has made me feel at home here. 
Ignore the under-eye bags, I woke up way too early, but I am SUPER excited about my new jersey!

Gotta keep at it. Practicing at Raytown BMX, photo by Camden's Photography

I have also set my sights on feeling more comfortable in the air when I'm on my bike, so have been working on jumping a few small tabletops lately. Some of the guys at the track have really helped me out with tips and tricks, and for that I can't thank them enough! 

Between running, riding and a work schedule that is filling as I write, Yuan and I have been making time to have a date night here and there, as well as some local social distancing adventures. Last Friday I was so tired, and I took the day off from racing. We ended up venturing downtown, through the Power and Light district and into the BRGR Bar for a date night. That area was where the action was that night; right when we were leaving and turning the corner a BLM protest turned left and headed down the street we came from. 

Yuan and our awesome date night. 💕
Hanging out at Power and Light before eating...

Gotta love a restaurant with a view! 

Some downtown sights

On the work front I'm happy to say that I've been LOVING my job lately, and I'm learning so much doing the work that I do (marketing & communications). Since my chosen career path can include a very broad scope of choices, deciding on a career trajectory has been a bit of a hit and miss sometimes, but all that hard work has ultimately has led me to something I truly love. Working from home has also become my preference, and having several large windows next to my work-space to open during the day doesn't hurt either, lol! I work more when I'm at home, but am totally fine with that when I can eat a home cooked meal for lunch everyday! Or a snowcone. Later gators! 

#treatyoself. I never get tired of Parks & Rec sayings....😋😀

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