Friday, May 15, 2020

It's FRIDAY!! & New Additions

Happy Friday! For someone wfh it truly seems like this week has gone by SO fast, it's a little weird tbh, but I love it anyway. Besides a tough decision that had to be made this week and feeling super worn down from not getting enough sleep (that's officially been rectified) it's been a really great one.

This week USABMX announced that they are having a new national, called the Bounce Back National, that will be in Pryor, OK, which is only about 3 hours away from us. Oklahoma is one of the few states that is opening back up from the COVID-19 pandemic. For as much as I want to get back to racing, I think it's unfair to have a national when many places are still closed and most sports groups haven't even started their season yet, and to choose between a possible health threat or points. I’m happy for everyone going, but, until the next national opens up, I will continue to practice and train. I love BMX, and even though there will be FOMO, there will be other races.

Yuan has been super supportive like always, and he left it up to me weather we go or not. He knows how much I'll miss going, and suggested us live-streaming it and having a watch party with some micheladas, so that should be fun. I do want to point out that being cautious over a pandemic that we have never had to deal with before does NOT make anyone silly, stupid or scared. It also does not mean that I love racing less than someone who chooses to go.

I really really can't wait to feel safe again around groups of people. I also can't wait 'till it's safe to hug my mom again. 2020 really threw us all for a loop on that!

I can't wait to get back to our regular racing schedule!

Moving on now...😀

We do have a few fun things arriving to help with training, which I am over the moon excited about! Yuan loved running on the gym's treadmills, but with them being closed, and the thought of not having to pay for a gym membership ever again, or drive there and try to find parking, we made the choice to get our own. I'm so excited to be able to run regardless of the weather outside, and Yuan prefers running inside, since he's super allergic to mosquitoes, so after a lot of careful consideration and back-and-forths, we decided that this will be one piece of equipment that will get used a lot. Also, with the Woodway treadmill running classes in Houston and KC closing their doors permanently, and us having a spin bike with unlimited classes upstairs, etc., I decided to cancel my Class Pass. We sold the couch in our den yesterday, after having it posted for less than 4 minutes (Facebook Marketplace is the bomb!), and now have a nearly empty room for a brand new treadmill that will be arriving in a few weeks!

Cold, rainy weather is no match for this! lol

And now on to our second big addition...

When I raced on the Factory Gold's Gym Team, our Gold's gym in north Houston had an indoor BMX section with a 4 man practice gate and timer. I used to love training on that with my teammates when I could make the hour long trek, which wasn't too often, but now that I've moved halfway across the country, they only way I can practice my gate is going to the track. Normally this would be fine, but one of the drawbacks to living in the mid-west are the achingly long winters. Snow, ice, and below-freezing temps keep a track closed for months. Here, we are lucky to race 6 mos. out of the year besides traveling for nationals, and with the Corona-virus helping things out, I haven't been able to be on a track since Las Vegas in January (and before that it was November). So, to help with gate practice, I took the plunge and have a portable starting gate arriving sometime next month! I absolutely can't wait to practice on it. This is something I've wanted for years, and I'm so happy now to have the opportunity to practice and get better on gates when our tracks are closed.

It feels like Christmas came early!! 💓
(this isn't me, but this is what the gate looks like)

Indoors, I've got a few new projects stirring in the pot as well, and am excited to start them today and this weekend and see how they turn out. I'll be posting about them when they're done, but am not in a huge hurry on finishing up, as I want to keep my attention on the details and really do a good job.

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