Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Quarantine Continues and Marathon Update

Well, life continues in our new normal in KC; these days, the weather is more beautiful than not, the birds are chirping and so many more bunnies are out and about in the backyard. I'm still loving my new routines during the day, including our spin bike classes and being able to work from home, which I feel very lucky to be able to do. Yuan's cooking blows me away everyday with each new meal he creates, and eating out has gone from a necessity, to something to do only for a special occasion, and I love that. Google hangouts and Zoom meetings have become the new social-normal, and doing those most weeks at least makes me feel a LITTLE bit more social.

Last weekend we decided to get some Tex Mex take out from a place called Margarita's, and it was so delicious! I think we've found our new go-to for Tex Mex in the KC area. Our micheladas were so-so, and I will definitely be ordering more Belizian mix, since that has been the BEST michelada I've ever had (thanks, Matt & Hanni for that one!). Unfortunately, Matt & Hanni's destination Germany wedding/Oktoberfest had to be pushed back a year, but that gives me more time to save anyway. I normally HATE going to weddings, but they are two awesome people, so I'm sure it will be amazing.

Margarita's near downtown KC (source)

A week or two ago, we received an email from the Big Sur race organizers. We were given the option to run it this November or receive 60% off a guaranteed entrance to either 2021 or 2022. We decided to run it this November, which works much better training-wise for the Midwest. I don't think either of us are a fan of having to run outside in negative, or close to negative, degree weather. 30's is about the lowest this girl likes to go, and even that is stretching it lol!

We can't wait to be back on the west coast! (source)
Along with the quarantine comes the great blog hunt! LOL. I LOVE reading others' blogs, and recently I've been trying to find some new ones. Like movies or books, there are some blogs I just can't get into no matter how hard I try, especially blogs written by runners who either don't work or work part time. While I still like them and reading about their day, they're harder for me to identify with. Their wide open schedules to run and workout during the day aren't the same as needing to fit in runs during a 40 hour plus workweek, and constant plugging of products sent to them from companies show me more of what I don't need. I have enough I want to buy, thank you very much. 😋 The hunt for new and exciting blogs to read is on, so if anyone had a suggestion I would love it! 😍😊

I hope you all are doing alright, and that you all are having a good week. 💙💚💛💜

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