Monday, April 20, 2020

Quarantined in KC

Happy Monday everyone! We are officially on our...what?, 4th week (maybe) of quarantine. I hope you all are doing okay. I know this is affecting everyone differently, and everyone has different circumstances, but if we keep this up, and keep being mindful, hopefully we can squash this thing and prevent some needless hospitalizations and possible deaths.

Since my job can be 99% remote, I, and the rest of my coworkers, have been working from home, and enjoying a Zoom meeting here or there. I always wondered what working from home might entail. Would I love it at first but get bored? Would I hate it? Would I never get any work done? My adult-life-long question has finally been force-answered thanks to COVID-19. I discovered that I LOVE working from home. Not being able to travel to hang out with friends is a bummer, but the simple act of sitting in front of my computer from a home office has been delightful. When this is over, which it will be, I fully plan on asking my boss for permission to work from home one or two days a week. I find that I can concentrate more fully and get more work done. Also, who doesn't like the (WAY) more relaxed dress code at Casa Trabajo?!?!

Social media is something I have been limiting these days. I'm still on it a lot, and I enjoy talking to my friends and family. One thing I've noticed, especially with the stress and fear the Coronavirus can bring on, is that so many people want to use their social media as an outlet for their every thought. False information begins floating around. People who could barely pass science in high school are suddenly internet doctors and accomplished researchers, estimating for us all how long we will be staying at home. There's a very selfish mentality out there; the sentiment of "I'm not personally affected by this virus, nor are my family or friends, so let me get back to my life, this is all BS" is strewn around social media like hay in a barn. I have never had any tolerance for stupidity, and with each new refresh and scroll down my social feed, my feelings on this grow stronger by the day. That said, I prefer to stay off social sometimes, because there's also a lot of good happening in the world and I don't want to be jaded by some ignoramus who can't stop complaining that their kid's not on the track. I get it, Karen. Sheesh already.

On the other hand, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Prime video and Plex have become my besties. I can sit down after a long tiring day, and completely immerse myself in the problems of the Byrd family in the Ozarks, or watch Claire Saffitz make skittles from scratch on her Gourmet Makes show through the Bon Appetit channel on Netflix. Finding new shows has always been easy, but my willingness to give them a shot versus scrolling on by has had a large uptake. I have been loving trying new shows, as well as re-watching old ones.

Check out Claire's creations HERE
Running-wise, my subdivision will have to do. The parks around here have been known to be crowded, so I have been getting my mileage done on the peaceful streets around my own home. The good that's come out of this is that I am finally taking the time to explore my own surroundings, instead of traveling half an hour or more for a running trail, and it's been really nice! There aren't many people out and about here on a daily basis, and if has been affording me the opportunity to get outside on these mostly amazing spring days and take in the beauty that is my own backyard. I am looking forward to getting in my higher mileage in the parks, but until then this has been a nice alternative.
This is a picture of downtown in my city before COVID-19, a few blocks from our place. (Obviously, since there are cars everywhere). Source
So far I've learned that taking an adapt-or-die approach and keeping a positive and hopeful outlook has helped me tremendously. As I, like so many of us, learn to adapt to our new 2020 realities, there are some things I want to hold tightly to when we all get back to our regularly scheduled lives. One of those things is cooking at home more. We have always cooked at home, but have been cooking at home 99% versus the 80% we were before, and it's been so much healthier and felt more rewarding. I also want to bring with me the renewed value of the little things and attention to detail I've developed, most likely in an attempt to not be bored. My bike had never been cleaner, my clothes are put away right after folding, and the kitchen is spic and span.

I hope you are all having a good week so far. Until next time!

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