Monday, March 30, 2020

First Weeks of Spring

Happy springtime! 

I know with the Coronavirus running rampant, it’s not the spring I was envisioning in my head all winter (and I'm sure you weren't either), but I am determined to find joy in our newly warmer weather. By now I believe the BMX tracks in the Midwest would be opening and welcoming riders onto the track, but with the pandemic, the tracks are closed except for a few riders around the country I’ve seen on Facebook. The parks here (and from what I can gather, Houston, too) seem to be having the opposite problem, with too many people packed in and not enough social distancing. I want this over as quickly as possible, so I am doing my best to stay away from the parks, opting instead to run around my subdivision for a few miles almost every day. While my first winter in the Midwest was not very fun, my first Spring here is turning out to be amazing.

Recently, a friend and teammate helped me put together my new ride for the year, and I’m really liking it. It originally had a BRIGHT neon pink and black color scheme, and I quickly realized that I’m not into that much flash, so after a few days of consideration I took the stickers all off and am opting instead for a little tamer color combo - still pink but a touch lighter. Hopefully my new sticker pack arrives soon; I’m so excited to put them on and take some photos.

Another thing that has popped up with a stay at home order is more use of Facebook. Even though I like to use it to keep in touch with far away family and friends, I will admit that I’m not really a fan of Facebook in general. It’s a time suck, so many pages dedicated to hobbies seem like a pissing contest and a place for people to talk crap, all the while professing their intense dislike of drama, and most days you can’t scroll down your feed without something divisively political (and nowhere near educated) jumping out. Because of this I’ve been staying off Facebook as much as I can, snoozing certain pages, and doing projects around the house after work instead. I’ve got a few fun projects lined up, so hopefully soon I can start.

I hope you guys are all doing okay, I know that social distancing is harder on some than others, but stay strong, because we will all get through this. The faster we all properly social distance and stay at home, the faster we can get back to our regularly scheduled programs, lol! I don’t know about you guys, but I am looking forward to seeing my family, friends and coworkers again, as well as going to races.

Much love!

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