Monday, July 29, 2019

Moving Into the Future: Big Sur, Pods & Planes

This last weekend has been beyond tiring, but we did it! Almost everything that I own is now tucked, prodded, placed and arranged neatly into a moving pod like a game of 3D Jenga. After having not gone through a move in a few years, I conveniently was able to forget how taxing the whole experience is. Things must be carefully bubble-wrapped, placed in blankets and towels or cradled inside a nest of waded up newspaper before then being expertly arranged in boxes and added to the pod pile. There's no point in throwing everything in haphazardly or all your hard work will be for nothing, meaning that you should've given away all your possessions to begin with. So here we are, with 48 hours of careful packing successfully behind us, much needed family and McLovin time, a Tex-Mex date night at a favorite restaurant, a short plane ride and 6 hours of sleep later. I feel like passing out, like crawling back into bed and hibernating for another 10 hours, but no time for that right now- there's running and a short boot camp-y workout to do first!

I'm both grateful to the weekend and glad it's over; next time I visit I can concentrate on the fun, hanging out with friends and family part instead of the bubble wrapping and taping part. With half of the move behind us (UNpacking will be a WHOLE new beast😓), I'm free for a while to concentrate on pre-marathon training and riding after work. My boyfriend and I will be running Big Sur again next year and I'm beyond excited to run it again. One plus will be that this area will make hill training so much easier. In Houston I had to find ONE lonely hill and run up and down it over and over again. It wasn't much fun, and it wasn't enough to be ready for Big Sur's elevation either. Here there are hills for days, so I'll have a plethora of fun and beautiful locations to choose from.

Aside from Big Sur and visiting friends in California and Texas, I'm planning to make my race schedule local this year. There are so many new races to run, and while I'm not a big fan of going super overboard on signing up, I always keep an eye out for a fun one! I've got a few ideas but nothing set in concrete yet. If anyone has had an amazing time running a race in the Kansas City area, please let me know!

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