Thursday, June 13, 2019

Moving Update: Houston to Kansas City

Life got away from me last week/weekend. There was packing and the move and my near constant breakdowns this last weekend (let's be real here - I really like Kansas City and being with my boyfriend full time, but after we made the initial drive here in my car on Friday (a 13 hour drive) versus flying (1 1/2 hours at MOST)- I finally felt so far away from home and the homesickness hit). I feel like a mess right now - a mess who wants to curl up alone with a good book or anything to distract me.

So many people I love and miss are back in Houston, along with my cat McLovin; sometimes waves of sadness hit and I just can't help breaking down into a sad, teary-eyed, mushy pile. McLovin has medical problems that require specialized care and medication, he can't fly, get many inoculations (per his vet) or take the drive. I truly know now what it's like to do something purely for the goodness of another being. I miss him so much I ask for photos and updates constantly. I am happy that he's with my parents, who love him so much (my mom is his favorite person ever). Let's just say I will be back in Houston a lot and I'm looking forward to a time when I can see his little face soon.

McLovin Bear 💓💓

This week, to try and make myself feel more at home here I've been going out on runs. I start at the house each day and each day I have been going in different directions and exploring different paths and at times - large hills. I have a little over 7 miles so far this week and my legs are shredded. I haven't felt this way during lower mileage in a long time lol! So far I've been over some crazy elevation changes, saw a runner dressed as a robotic t-rex, bunny rabbits galore, discovered new places including a high school track close to the house and some beautiful spring foliage.


I also plan on running some miles for Gabe Grunewald this weekend (click this paragraph to visit her website and learn more about her). Gabe has been so inspiring to me for the last year or so, even though her story extends well beyond that time. Gabe was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer during her professional running career. She fought it hard, even when it spread. She continued running even through chemo, and she was so fast she almost qualified for the US Olympic team one year. Gabe fought cancer with all she had, and early this week she passed away at home, surrounded by the family and friends she loved. She was 32. Gabriele and her legacy live on through her beautiful spirit, memories and the constant examples she set for so many in the running community. She touched the hearts of people who didn't even know her personally, and  #bravelikegabe reminds me to never give up, no matter how scared I am of something. 

I'm trying my best to get used to something new and to be brave, and even though I'm not feeling quite like myself yet I'm very grateful for everything I have and each opportunity I get. I will go into this weekend running in Gabe's memory, and will be grateful for those I hold dear, no matter how far away they are right now.

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