Monday, May 20, 2019

Race Pace & Track Meet Day

Saturday was a blast! I planned the day around running because the BMX tracks are still recovering from being doused in inches of water from the week prior (can I get a hallelujah for Soil Tack?!).

I got up bright and early to get to an 8am running class at Race Pace, which is my favorite running class hands down. Located at 1502 Sawyer #107, everything there is top of the line, from their coaches to their treadmills, and everyone is SO nice.

Truthfully, I am going to go through Woodway withdrawal if I ever have to stop going there. Yikes! With a Woodway, you run on thick rubber instead of a thin belt, giving you a softer feel to your step. They are so much quieter and they don't have a hood in the front so you can get a full stride in when you run. They also have the ability to instantly get up to speed, important if you're working on repeats. This combination, along with the regular lights down, the purple lights on, the music bumping away and the instructor inspiring you every step of the way makes for one of the best workouts I ever get on a treadmill. Jeff was our instructor Saturday, and he's really awesome and encouraging of everyone there. I pushed myself HARD and it was such a great training sesh, especially coming back from Big Sur and (this is SO weird to say...but) trying to get into better shape! I know we all can get to a point when we know that what we have been doing isn't working, and it's time for this girl to change that, starting with healthy eating.
Race Pace is pure, sweaty, heart pounding heaven. All the stress from the week melts away and I am left with the joy of a weekend that has barely even begun. I took an hour long endurance class, cooled down, showered and headed over to meet up with some friends and to cheer on Tiffany at her track meet.
This cool wall is right next to Race Pace and I love it! 

Tiffany runs for the Shell team. She's driven, a tough competitor, so much fun and just an all around good person to hang out with. On this day teams from a bunch of big companies converge upon the Houston area in busses to battle it out in the different categories and see who places. This is actually the first track meet I have ever been to, so that alone made it exciting.

These runners were all super fast, and the Shell runners have been in hardcore training mode for the last 6 months or so, training on the hills around Hermann park and the high school track. I'm not competing and even I can't believe it's come so soon. This is a good time to have a track meet though, because Houston only gets warmer after this.

Some fun while we were waiting for the next competition!

Tiffany ran in 3 events, and after showering at Race Pace and getting ready, I drove over to the sports complex, parked and went inside to meet up with Victoria. Her son discovered a hill and had each of us hold his hand and he wanted to run up and down the hill in between Tiffany's competitions. Every time he got to the top or the bottom of the hill he would say "more", so we would take his hand and run up or down again. In total I would say he had us doing about 20 hill repeats! He can be our new running coach, haha!


Fun with Team Shell

Tiffany ended up medaling and they all got 2nd place. Team Shell worked so hard and had some really tough competition and I'm so beyond proud of them. I loved meeting the team and everyone was so nice. I definitely want to come see their next track meet in 2020.

Aaaand time to nap now 😋

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