Friday, May 10, 2019

Ladies Who Thrift - My Thrift Haul

To me, thrifting is SO much fun! I love the feeling of finding those hidden gems for almost nothing. Some of my favorite pieces I've found this year include several vintage high waisted wool skirts, a brand new looking Free People jean jacket with grey sweatshirt arms and detachable hood, a cute strapless blue and white floral maxi-dress from Anthro and several polo shirts. I love unique pieces as well as everyday staples, and the cool thing about thrifting is that you never know what you'll find!

I love that accomplished feeling of finding something cool and unique. 👍
These two didn't make the dressing room cut. 
Last weekend I went thrifting with a friend because she was looking for something to wear to an 80's themed party at a piano bar. She had been looking online at places like Zara and seeing some cool items, but they were too expensive for her to justify purchasing for a party. She remembered some pieces I thrifted in the past looking exactly like what is being sold for so much more in these stores, called me up, and we decided the day before to try our luck at a thrift store.

J with some of the cute pieces she found (it wasn't ALL 80's searching lol!)

Needless to say, she found the PERFECT pair of bright colored geometric printed 80's bottoms that were an interesting mix of pants and leggings, so the trip was a total win. I don't know what it was about that trip, but I was also able to snap up a few vintage 80's pieces also while helping her look, that fit like a glove.

I'm excited about what I found on this trip! Here are my items:

I know these aren't the best pictures but it was getting late when I took them. I'll try to get better ones next time. 😄

Thrift Trick #1: Look EVERYWHERE. I can't stress this enough. On a previous trip I found my almost never been worn Free People cropped jean jacket in the kids section, more specifically, the boy's section. Since it was a shrunken jacket it must have been mistaken for a kid's size when in reality it is an adult's size and it fit me perfectly! 

These are men's Union Bay short-alls. I found them randomly in the women's stuff and plan on cropping the legs a bit 
(here I have them rolled up, so I'll crop them to about this length. 
I'm pretty sure this is an older piece. If anyone knows I'm all ears 😸

These are super high waisted men's Levi's that fit so well! 
I think I am going to cuff the legs and leave them as capris.

Thrift Trick #2: One thing I like to do when looking for high waisted shorts (I NEVER find any in the women's shorts section) is to go straight to the men's jeans aisle. I can usually find a pair of high waisted pants that fit PERFECTLY on top and I get them hemmed into shorts. There- problem solved! 😌

High waisted Tommy jeans from the men's section. I LOVE the detailing and while the legs are too short, 
I am planning on making these into some cute high waisted Summer shorts anyway so it doesn't matter. 

The back...
They even have a small hole near the pocket that someone patched up, so these jeans were definitely well worn. 
They're broken in and SO soft!

Thrift Trick #3:If you think it will fit- try it on. Don't just depend on labels. Different brands will fit differently, as will vintage vs. modern items. 

Flutter sleeve maxi dress from Loft. The tag says Petite Small (at 5'5" I am too tall normally for anything petite sized), but I tried it on anyway and it fit great! I love the pattern and the tie back tassle/strings at the neck. It will definitely be perfect to wear anytime now (as soon as it stops raining).

This was actually picked out for me by J. I wasn't sure about it and we were close to checking out so I just decided to buy it. 
Luckily I tried it on at home and LOVE it! Sometimes you just have to take a chance, amiright?? 

The back is really cute. 
Super girly isn't so much my style anymore but from time to time I like to switch it up. 
This also happens to be perfect for my current high waisted bottoms obsession. 
Last but not least, my for-sure vintage 80's piece (and probably my favorite find of the day💓):

Stone wash 1980's high waisted Sasson brand jeans. 
They fit so great but I rolled the pant legs up a bit to see how they would look that way. 
LOVE these and can't believe I found them for $10!! 
They would probably be a bit more in a vintage shop or in a resale boutique. 

It's not a big haul but with a full closet and a need to save more money I'm being a lot pickier these days. I'm so happy with my purchases, and I'd love to see what you find!

What's your favorite thrift store?


  1. Love this post! Such amazing finds and I’m glad the flowery top fit you well!

  2. Thank you! It's SO beyond cute, thank you for picking it out! ;)