Monday, April 15, 2019

Big Sur Marathon Training - TAPER TIME

I can't believe my 2nd marathon is already happening in April! I'm a little less nervous this time around, and I went over things to figure out what worked and what didn't. Since I don't have as long to begin to completely re-train with mileage, etc., I'm taking an intermediate training plan and modifying it to meet my needs. I want to work more on hills, technique and speed and I feel that this allows me to reach those goals in a shorter time period. 

Time to Taper

Well, this is it- taper time...

Looking back on my training versus my social media account views of "everyone else's training", I feel that I could have done more. Honestly, I could have put in more miles, more hills, etc., but I'm about burned out. Does anyone else hit that point too from time to time? This isn't the "I hate running" type of burnout, just the "please dear God let me scale back to half marathon status" type of burned out. I've run multiple half marathons in several seasons over the past 5 years of my running adventures, but never a first and second marathon in the same season. All my brain can grasp is the sheer amount of mileage stacking up against me every time I go out for a run. This makes it SO hard to enjoy the process since I'm focused on just being able to finish my miles. 

That said, training for this has certainly been a game changer. I began to research proper nutrition for once, and for once I can feel it paying off. I'm also thankful for my supportive boyfriend (he's running this one with me) good friends who invite me on their training runs or join me on mine and family, for which none of this would have been possible. I can feel those "taper crazies" coming on again, and that nervous twitch in the pit of my stomach where all those negative voices are laying in wait, dormant until they awaken to fill my head with the "what-if's", the "you cant's" and the "you shoulda's" that all proper sports training, (or preparing for anything, really) eventually succumbs to.
Having been through my first marathon a few months ago, I feel more confident and stronger in my approach and I'm determined to tell those thoughts, very kindly, that they can shove it. I plan on a few shorter runs this week followed by stretching and foam rolling. My taper strategy this time around is to stay calm and keep things light, loose and fun. Yesterday I met up a friend and we ran from her place to the park and back. We logged 5 miles and it felt great! By the way, this is the route and profile for Big Sur- isn't it pretty? 😃

source (both)
Despite my nerves, I am beyond excited to fly to California and run this race. I can't wait to run it with my boyfriend, see that gorgeous view from Highway 1, as well as all the cool Big Sur marathon type things along the way like the tuxedo-clad piano player, ever so casually tickling the ivories on that baby grand after the ginormous incline. Now that's something I'll run a hill (Texas mountain) for! 

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