Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Big Sur Marathon Training - 3 weeks out

I can't believe my 2nd marathon is already happening in April! I'm a little less nervous this time around, and I went over things to figure out what worked and what didn't. Since I don't have as long to begin to completely re-train with mileage, etc., I'm taking an intermediate training plan and modifying it to meet my needs. I want to work more on hills, technique and speed and I feel that this allows me to reach those goals in a shorter time period. 

3 weeks out

Monday 3/25 - Rest day (and laundry day). 

Tuesday 3/26 - 4 miles today in the park.

Nothing like these views after a tough day

Wednesday 3/27- Worked late and I've definitely been slacking on my miles this week and hating that feeling. 

Thursday 3/28 - 3.78 park miles and hill repeats (those hills are NO joke but the views were GORGEOUS)

Friday 3/29 - Rain day. I really shouldn't have cancelled my gym membership again. I anticipated Spring way too early.

Saturday 3/30 - Endurance class at Run Race Pace with a friend. It was so hard but so much fun!

One of my favorite quotes ever. Race Pace isn't too shabby either.

Sunday 3/31 - Brother's birthday lunch with family and an awesome fire pit. I didn't get to run today but I did chase some little kids. 

All in all I'm not too happy with how this week went. I had to cancel my long run of 10 miles and that had me feeling all kinds of frustrated. This happened on my last marathon training as well- a month before the event things seemed to go awry and slacking became a way of life. Not this time. I am determined to make it up even though this week is super hectic with appointments and volunteering for packet pickup at a trail race for TROT. I'm accepting that this week may not go how I want it to, but this weekend I will get those miles in! 😎

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