Monday, April 22, 2019

Big Sur Marathon - 1 Week Out!

Well, this is it. All my mileage and training comes down to this next Sunday and I don't know how I feel about it.

In part I feel excited- I get to share this experience with my boyfriend and celebrate an end (for now) to all the tough marathon training and finally have time for other things, including picking up with the much-missed BMX racing again.

Another part of me is really nervous and full of phantom sicknesses and pains and doubting whether I have it in me to accomplish something so big. If there's anything I've learned along the way and picked up from others in the same situation, the key is to enjoy the process and the present as much as possible- and I'm trying- but those nerves inside of me are really making it tough. For now all I can do is pack my backpack, get my butt out to California on Friday and try my best not to let the looming monster of self-doubt take over (which is MUCH easier said than done).

I'm hoping my shoe switch from the Brooks Launch to the Brooks Ghosts this time around will be better for my toenails, and I plan to put into play everything I've learned about hydration and nutrition for this race as well. I LOVE California so much, and getting to run down highway 1 with my boyfriend will definitely be crossing a wish off my bucket list.

All I can do now is trust in my training and try my best to enjoy everything from here on out. The taper crazies have started, along with my phantom pains and sicknesses and I'm itching to get out there and start running. It's gonna be AWESOME.

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