Thursday, March 21, 2019

Big Sur Marathon Training (5-ish weeks out)

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that every race is different. Weather its a BMX race, a running race, or any kind of sport you can imagine. That said, I decided to forego my usual structured training schedule this last week and instead took a close hard look at my diet. A good diet is important for so many reasons other than looking good - it's fuel for your body and sometimes I feel like we put higher quality fuel into our cars than we do ourselves.

The running last week DID happen, but instead of making that my first extracurricular priority I decided to research good nutrition and monitor everything I ate for a week. Let's just say...I was UN-pleasantly surprised. My list was full of processed, high fat, high sugar, etc. etc. CRAP food- and this was just a regular week. I'd fallen off the healthy wagon a while ago apparently, and really not noticed. Honestly, I'd hate to see what would happen if I wasn't running all of that solid mid range mileage every week. But...
This week I decided that a major overhaul was in order. I instead have stopped randomly eating unhealthy snacks during the day, replaced them with things like various dried fruits, and filled my meal times with clean, unprocessed foods like salads, some soups, nourish bowls and whole wheat bread. Even though it's too soon to really see a change I can feel it. I have more energy and just generally feel better. This is a lifestyle change I intend to stick to. I'm not saying I'll never eat sweets again or have a cheat meal, but that's exactly what they'll be - a special occasion splurge, not an everyday meal. (I know I'll appreciate it a lot more that way as well.😃) As a friend once said, those foods will always be there. 😀

I'm excited to undertake this new challenge, not to mention there's only a handful of weeks left until I leave to run the Big Sur marathon with my AWESOME, SUPER AMAZING (yep- I talked him into this) boyfriend. Alright - deep breathe, and time to move on from here! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

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