Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Big Sur Marathon (8 weeks out)

I can't believe my 2nd marathon is already happening in April! I'm a little less nervous this time around, and I went over things to figure out what worked and what didn't. Since I don't have as long to begin to completely re-train with mileage, etc., I'm taking an intermediate training plan and modifying it to meet my needs. I want to work more on hills, technique and speed and I feel that this allows me to reach those goals in a shorter time period. 

8 weeks out

Monday 2/25 - 5 treadmill miles today! I normally don't push my treadmill runs even to 5 miles, so this one I'm really proud of. 

Tuesday 2/26 - 2 treadmill miles. I had some stomach issues so my workout got cut short, but that's okay, things happen. I'm just really glad I got a few in. :) 

Wednesday 2/27 - Rest and laundry day. Woohoo!

Thursday 2/28 - Today there was a thunderstorm. It was pretty bad so I stayed in and worked on core. 

Friday 3/1 - Volunteer day at the Woodlands Marathon Expo! I used to get anxiety being in new situations, but after years of intentionally putting myself in new situations to combat that feeling, I'm happy to say I was so excited to volunteer and I enjoyed getting to know everyone and seeing a more behind the scenes take on everything. 

Saturday 3/2 - Half marathon day!! 13.1 miles (10 of which were good haha). I must not have had a good enough breakfast and pretty much imploded by mile 10. I forced myself to run/walk mile 11 and walk the last 2. It was a bummer but I learned a lot about race prep, the VIP section rocked and the medal was BEYOND cool! Race review coming soon! 

Such a cool medal! Look at the sea monster! Hi Nessie 😃

Sunday 3/3 - Because a half marathon wasn't enough, I took a spinning class this morning. My legs felt a little sore but not bad, and just a tad more sore after, so that's got to be a good sign. Stretched and Epsom salt/bath bomb bath after. Hanging around the house after that is the BEST feeling. 

Doin' work.

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