Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Training for BMX and Marathon #2 Underway

Normally the beginning of every year seems to start off at a hectic pace; no slight gathering of speed to get used to what the rest of the year throws at us, but simply a quick breath and a sprint off the diving board at the deep end of the swimming pool.

I'm OK with it that way. After all, what better way to learn to manage our daily lives than a quick dip in the deep end?

It's not ideal, but by now I'm used to it, and after a little floundering I've always been able to pick myself back up, adapt quickly, and swim those laps with the rest of the big girls (and guys). This year is starting out no differently. With my first marathon under my belt, I took a week to rest up, relish the thought, and moved on to creating a training plan for my next marathon (yep, another one already) and BMX racing. Training for both can be really great because it's so much cross-training that I don't really have to think at all about actually having to cross train. It does take a bit of planning though- which days do I run the longer miles, which days do I focus on sprints and riding...the usual stuff.

Since I now have experience in project management, I've decided that my first step will be strategizing my plan of attack. I have until April to be ready for a VERY hilly and time sensitive marathon, and those BMX races are coming up soon, so it's time to lay it all out in (what better?) my 2019 training journal! How I decide to lay everything out will have to be a little trial and error, but writing it all down will help me look back every few weeks to figure out what works well together and what doesn't.

Bring it on training!
In anticipation (and FEAR) of my first marathon distance, I trained conservatively on a beginner level program and put BMX and most cross training aside to be sure that I could hit my goal of finishing the race. Now that I feel better prepared mentally to run another one, I feel confident that it's time to be a little more aggressive on my training, including adding BMX back in (PLEASE let the rain stay away more this year though! Ah!).

My goals this year are efficiency and results - figuring out the best way to go about maximizing the end results and making my workouts worth wile.
So, without much ado, this weekend kicks off the beginning of the return of BMX and marathon #2. I'm excited to change some things up and for the challenges that lie ahead!

How often do you change up your training?

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