Friday, August 31, 2018

Labor Day Weekend

I'm SO excited for it to finally be Friday and for this 3 day weekend!!! Today is the day I get to go to KC and see my boyfriend. Airports have been my best friend lately and I can't wait to be on that plane and hear it take off. I can now say I actually have a favorite parking spot at our local airport, Eco Park II; its super cheap and EVERYTHING'S under cover, so no annoying super hot car upon return. I highly recommend that one. Also, in my opinion, the Parking Spot sucks, especially for pickup during red eyes. The people are really nice but it was next to impossible to get a pickup, which had me waiting alone outside at 3 a.m. for over a half hour.

We're planning a long run this Saturday up the same crazy hills we conquered (well, sort of lol) during the Hospital Hill run, and we have some other fun ideas for things to do, like the Renaissance Festival. Mmmmm...turkey legs. I can't take my bike with me to go ride this weekend and I really want to ride, so next week will be full of track visits as long as the rain holds off. Really no matter what we do, getting to chill and hang out with my boyfriend means this weekend is going to be awesome! 😁

Some palm trees and the beautiful sky as seen from Baytown yesterday

When your colorful hair makes you feel magical and you need to waste time at the airport

Do you guys have anything fun planned for the Labor Day Weekend? 

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