Monday, July 2, 2018

Weekend Re-Cap

This last weekend has been HELLA PRODUCTIVE- and not just workout wise. I actually got things done I've been needing to do for the last few weeks, including washing the car (even though that effort was quickly derailed by driving down the long dirt driveway to Katy BMX 4 hours later 😂...why don't I learn??), and you guys KNOW that's a GREAT feeling!!💪 WOHOO!!!

That feeling you get when you get all your chores done at home 😎

I was definitely in my happy place this weekend, and the weather cooperated as well. I got to go swimming for the first time this Summer (thank you guys for that:) with some dear friends I haven't seen in a while, so that was really great! I've missed them.

New kayak testing in progress...

I also got to run, take a spin class and work out with my friend Tiffany. She's awesome and a blast to work out and hang out with. When she runs she always likes to take new trails and paths, so even though we have been parking in the same place for the past few weeks, we don't usually see the same thing twice. Changing things up also means never boring!

Houston's new installation, known as "The Cloud". It's pretty cool. ❤

An art installation at the museum. It reminds me of something Mc Lovin would play with. 😺

One thing I've learned this last weekend is that with long and two-a-day training sessions and workouts, consistent and thorough stretching, along with foam rolling has been an absolute life saver. My poor muscles haven't seen a good stretch session in a while, and my body thanked me for it today. Without foam rolling and stretching as much as I did this weekend, I think I would be in a lot of pain, and probably not able to accomplish everything 100%. Consistent stretching and foam rolling is going to be a thing from here on out. 💃

Tiffany playing around with the iPhone and creating our fake twins. Can she go to work for me today? LOL

What is something you want to incorporate more into your life?

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