Monday, July 9, 2018

Running, Movie Time & Trying New Restraunts

This last weekend was a lot of fun. I got to catch up with good friends, workout, and the bf came into town.

We met up with a good group of friends Friday night for dinner at Nobu in the Galleria area. Nobu did have some good food, but it was extremely overpriced, at close to $75 a meal, unless you want to spend $20 on a tiny appetizer. Basically, if you're looking for a place that will leave you hungry with a much lighter wallet, this place is for you. I hope that's not too harsh, but I want to be honest about it, and I am glad I got to try it and be with everyone that night. All in all, I'm just glad I got to see my friends. 

The whitefish something or other

Saturday was a group run starting in Hermann Park and going to the museum district. It was really hard to wake up for this run, since we only got 3 hours of sleep from Friday, but we did it and for that I am incredibly proud lol! It was super hot and about halfway through the run my left lower calf started seizing up and getting really tight. No matter how much I stretched it wouldn't go away, but I managed to make it through to 4 miles. It's gone today so I think it was a product of dehydration. After our run we went up the 145 steps at the museum and got to play with some more twinning pictures haha! 

We found a few really good places to eat Saturday and Sunday, as well as got to see a 2 new movies movies with our Movie Passes. Movie Pass is great, for about 10$ a month you can see almost any movie in the theatre. There are a few exceptions, for example you can only see one movie a day, or if the theatre has a mix of IMAX and regular screens you can only watch a movie on the regular screen. They way around that is to just go to a theatre with all larger screens. They also started a new rule that movies seen at "peak times", like 7 PM would be subject to a $3 or $4 upcharge. Personally, that's fine with me because I don't really want to see a movie during peak time anyway. There's too many people around me eating and making noise, so 4 PM or 9 PM is just fine. 

The first movie we saw was Ant Man & the Wasp. This was the first day it came out, and it really surprised me with how good it was. The story was very well developed, and the "bad guy" was not the typical one dimensional character I'm used to seeing in some of these movies. The effects in the film were really good, and it left me wishing I had a remote that could shrink and enlarge random things. Just pick out your Matchbox car you want to drive for the day and...enlarge!!! Haha! I highly recommend seeing this movie.

The second movie we saw on Sunday was Tag. We originally went to see the Incredibles 2, but there was an issue with the movie times being later than we expected, so it left us with Tag, and to be honest I have been wanting to see this one. Tag is the real life story of this group of lifelong friends who have been playing a game of tag for the last 25 years. For the entire month of May, they show up in each other's cities, places of work, etc. and tag each other. This movie was both really hilarious and touching, because they play this game to keep in contact with one another. The acting was really good in this film, and  even though it was funny, it wasn't the overdone type of humor where the characters start acting stupid. I recommend this movie as well, and was really happy with how it turned out. 

 Also if you are in the Houston area or are looking for a good food suggestion, we found a really great ramen place off Dairy Ashford called Ramen Bar Ichi. This place has been in the area for awhile, and I'm so glad we got to try it. It is a smaller place with a very homey feel, is really clean and the staff seem to really be on their game. My bf had a ramen bowl with pork that he liked a lot, and I got the chef special. This bowl was called the El Pollo Loco, and was beyond good. If you try this one, don't forget to ask for it spicy with an egg in it. The spice was SO delicious. It wasn't too expensive, and both bowls ran about $24 together. If you aren't too full after, you can even head across the street to the old timey skating rink. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm so tired I'll be lucky to make it to 10 PM tonight.

Did you try anything new this weekend? 

The El Pollo Loco, spicy and with an egg added at Ramen Bar Ichi. 

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