Thursday, July 12, 2018

Las Vegas and BMX

Today is a travel day, as I board a plane with my bike to go to the Las Vegas BMX Nationals. I'm incredibly torn on going this time since Mc Lovin is sick, but this trip is 1.) Non refundable (the plane ticket) and 2.) I need to just go and get my mind off things for awhile because sitting at home won't do anyone any good. I WILL be calling my family more than they would probably like to see how he's doing though, and I'm going to miss him so much this weekend.

This national is a 3 day national, meaning that each day is a separate race (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). My goal Thursday is just to get there safe, get the bike put together and safely in lockup, and see a bit of Las Vegas. I'm hoping to have a class each day. Believe it or not Vegas is a smaller national, at least girl-wise. In January there I raced Intermediates on Friday. I was super happy that I did well and made my mains, but points wise I like to have my own class. We will see. :)

It's an early flight time today, so it's time to get over there, check my bike bag and go to sleep on the plane. 😃

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