Monday, July 30, 2018

Eating Healthier - Week 1

One week has come and gone since I decided to take a greater interest in my diet and eating healthy, and I am surprised at how great I feel! I cut out unnecessary sugar, as well as 95% cut out processed food (I had half of a banh mi sandwich, so the bread is processed). I have been training like normal, as well as kept my normal sleep habits. So far the only thing I have changed is my diet, and I don't feel as dragged down as I was before! I also don't feel so tired after lunch or after work, which means I can go workout and it doesn't feel like a job lol! This week I've been changing it up a little for dinner, but have stuck to the same things for breakfast and lunch. Here is a sample day for me:


Thanks to an instagrammer's suggestion, overnight oats have become my staple. I use almond milk to soak the oats in overnight, adding in blueberries as well and cinnamon in the morning. It's so good and sweet on its own.

You can find SO many different ways to make overnight oats on pinterest! 


Lunch I have been eating salads and sometimes I'll have a small cup of soup as well, like today's turkey sausage kale. I have been adding EVERYTHING in my salads! For my salad today I have mixed greens (including arugula, YUM!), spinach, egg, cranberries, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, chicken, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber, sunflower seeds, olives and a touch of cheese. I want to keep it interesting. 😀

For dinner I have been keeping it simple with a protein, starch and vegetable. Below is pesto chicken, little potatoes and broccoli. Someone suggested to me that chicken and broccoli and rice were really good. I didn't have rice but these worked. Nothing too fancy or great looking in photos, but really healthy and I'm loving it.


Sometimes if I'm craving a dessert, a bowl of fresh cherries or salted watermelon have been hitting the spot. They're just sweet enough to satisfy my taste buds, but don't make me tired like other snack foods can.


Salted watermelon is the BEST! (Source)

What is your favorite healthy meal to make? 

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