Friday, July 27, 2018

2019 Big Sur Marathon Here We Come!!!

It's official! I got the email I never thought I would get - the one that says "Congratulations! You got in to the Big Sur Marathon!!". Yeah, maybe in my dreams. HMM. At first when I saw it, I wasn't sure my eyes were reading everything correctly, but I went to their website to confirm it and it was true!

After we decided on it, I signed my boyfriend and I up for the groups/couples wave of the drawing (drawings are still going on, can find the webpage HERE), never thinking in a million years out team (We Are the Yuan) would actually be chosen. I'm so thankful to be chosen, and it feels just like I actually won the lottery since this race is so hard to get into, without spending an arm and a leg on a vacation package. I thought this race would be on my bucket list for a VERY long time.

This will be my 2nd marathon (my first one will be on my birthday weekend in January 2019), and Yuan's 1st (and he says only, haha) marathon. It's a very scenic, beautiful route. I traveled it once or twice with friends to our campground in Big Sur last year and it won my heart. Not only the views, but the little sea otters swimming around, sea lions, red wood trees, super nice people, and those crazy birds with blue mohawks ready to swoop down the minute you aren't looking and steal your campsite food made me fall in love with this area of the United States. When I found out about the marathon earlier this year I figured I'd put our names in the hat and see what happened. I honestly never thought anything would come of it.

The full 26.2 course (they also offer shorter distances on a first come first serve sign up basis) begins at Big Sur and ends in Carmel, but bus transportation to and from the start and finish. It is also a challenging course with an elevation climb of 500 (ish) feet, so I will be taking training of this race very seriously (while having fun at the same time of course😄).

I begin marathon training in September, and until then I'm working hard to get back into good half marathon racing shape, as well as training for BMX. I'm looking forward to this challenge, and to everything ahead. If anyone has ever run this race and has any suggestions, I'm all ears. 👂

What's your bucket list race? 

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