Monday, June 11, 2018

Training Issues: Time Management

Hi guys!! It's officially Summer! It's been getting pretty hot the last couple of weekends, but after some snow twice here this winter (humor me, it's ALOT for us πŸ˜‹) I'm ready for a bit of heat. Now that running an impending marathon has set in, and between training for BMX racing with my wonderful coachπŸ˜„ and life in general, it will give me the opportunity to work out more of my time management skills. While everyone has different angles they like to take when it comes to laying out their week/month/etc., keeping a training/to do journal is a big thing for me, so that's what I will be trying out first. WOOHOO!!!! 

I don't know about you guys, but also for me a big part of having "it" together is maintaining a clean space. Waking up in a clean place and knowing where things are helps keep the stress down when living life by a schedule. I do know some friends who genuinely LOVE a mess, and have piles of things everywhere, but for me less is better. I recently began a closet cleanout, which after not having done it for awhile is a big job. It's not done yet, but after a ThredUp donation, a trip to Target (where an extra decorative pillow made its' way into the cart, oops! sorry not sorry) and a few hanging partitions, it's starting to look a lot more like and actual closet. I also found a gift card I thought I'd long since lost, so it is proving to be a lucrative endeavor. 😎


While that's still going on little by little, this week I begin training for my next large BMX race, so that will be first in my book (yes, pun intended LOL). I'm learning little by little how to better prioritize my time without getting anxious or stressed, so this is an ongoing thing, but half the battle is committing to start, so I'm proud of myself for that. I'm so excited! Let's GET IT this Summer!!!

What is your next goal? 

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