Wednesday, June 13, 2018

RUNderful Wednesday

The middle of the week is here, and we've made it this far, so we have A LOT to be thankful for. Sometimes it's large and life changing and sometimes it's very small. It's the little things that count, right? 😊 I've been thinking a lot lately about attitude and positivity, and how to keep it going even when times may be tough, and there really is no simple answer. During rough times (or even good ones!), it's beneficial to remind ourselves of something positive in our lives, things we love. Today I'm going to talk about something that makes me HAPPY

Track Workouts

Track workouts are AWESOME!! No, really!

I don't know if it's because a top quality track was built 3 blocks from my house, or if I'm just feeling braver these days, but I have been really loving a good track workout. I never saw myself as wanting to run for 30 minutes to an hour and never leaving an oval, but there are some MAJOR pros to this plan. 

First of all, it has been so hot outside that it doesn't really cool down too much at 7 PM.😝 I can take a large jug of water with me and no matter where I am in my workout, the water is right there!

Second of all, it makes you faster. All that sweat is SO worth it when your mile time starts going down in the middle of the Summer. 

I have been playing around with some different workouts lately to see what works, and there are so many options available online; all you have to do is do a little surface research and you're faced with more options than Summer snow cone flavors. Below are a few I found on Pinterest  (I couldn't find their original links, sorry, but the last two list a source on the picture). Some I might have to work up to, but hey, I'm OK with that. ❤

Yesterday I tried the first half of the workout below for the running portion of my training. It was a good workout, and I was a bit too tired to incorporate all of the active recovery suggestions. However, I did include some core work and dumbbells when I got back home. I'm excited to keep doing this one, as well as try out the rest! 

Also, lately I've been feeling the results of the L sits, core and upper body workouts I do for BMX in my running. Having a strong core is important, and I've noticed that I have better posture as well, leading to a (hopefully) better form. Running more mileage in the Fall will definitely require this (YiKeS), and I'm trying to get a head start on it now. Time to be mindful, get out that door and show that track what's up! And you always know it was a good workout when you sit down after and leave a sweat-butt imprint on the pavement! 😂

What do you like most about track workouts? 

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