Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tips For Running In the Rain

All of us in the Greater Houston area got lucky this weekend. The news said it would rain non-stop from Friday - Sunday, eradicating any chance we had of enjoying the weekend outdoors. On Monday ribbons of rain began to sweep through, pouring down then stopping in what so far has bene a never ending cycle. I feel torn every time it rains; on one hand I LOVE listening to the rain pelt the windows as I sit inside enjoying being dry and a feeling of coziness, but on the other I can't help but think of our BMX tracks getting soaked, then sometimes needing a week or more to dry out and ALL the extra work needed to get them back into shape.

You can still do stuff in the rain. Running in the rain can be fun, given that there is no lightening or thunder around. I'm not a fan of pushing mother nature's limits that much, and usually I opt for the dreadmill to get those miles in, but there are those times you just want to jump in some puddles, right??😃

I have run in the rain several times. The first time I got out and ran I had a special rain jacket from Brooks. It worked well. The second time I just grabbed a HUGE see through plastic garbage bag, tore a small head hole in it (it was too big to even need arm holes), put it over my head, let the rest settle down almost to my knees, and just ran. That bag ROCKED. After 5 miles (I stopped when I heard thunder), my legs were soaking wet, but everything else was an "OK" level of dry. OH- and IT WAS SO MUCH FU|N!!!! Bring it on weather. 😃

11 Tips For Running In The Rain

1. Trash bags are AWESOME and cheap. Use one.

2. Wear a hat with a brim. This will help keep that water out of your eyes.

3. Body Glide or any other anti-chafing balm is still necessary.

4. Make sure you're visible to those around you. Rain can make it tough to see, so make sure you wear something bright colored and if possible reflective. Watch carefully for cars and avoid running on the side of the road if you can.

5. Don't layer or overdress. You don't need to wear a swimming suit, but all those layers will eventually be soaked and hanging on you and that won't be comfortable.

6. If you must bring along electronics, make sure they're safe. When I was running with my old iPod I did the cheapest thing and put it in a plastic sandwich bag, sealed it and folded it over on itself. My iPod stayed nice and dry.

7. Be more careful running in the rain. Rain makes things slick and you don't want to ruin your day by tripping or stepping in a puddle you underestimated and ending up with a twisted ankle.

8. If you see lightening or hear thunder, stay inside and use the treadmill. If you can't get to one of those, there's a lot to be said for cross training. It might be time to try a new workout for the day. :)

9. Change when you get home. Just like after swimming, don't sit around in wet cold clothes.

10. Hang or set up your shoes in a place where there's plenty of air flow and they can dry out well.

11. Have fun!

Does anyone else love to run in the rain?

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