Monday, May 14, 2018

Race Re-cap: Women's Quarter Marathon

A busy weekend just flew by and I find myself at lunch, writing this and wondering where the time all went. I guess the saying is true about how time flies when you're having fun. 

Last week Y told me about this cool thing called Movie Pass. With Movie Pass you have an app on your phone and a physical debit type card and for $9.99 a month you can see any movie in the theatre one time. It sounded like a good deal so I signed up, and have already used it twice! If you like watching movies (or want something nice and cool to do in the Summer), this is completely worth it. I'll probably be talking about it a bit more in future blogs, but for now let's get to Saturday's race. 

On Saturday May 12th, my friend J and I ran the Women's Quarter Marathon. It's a women's only run, and this year it was pushed back to May instead of January because of Hurricane Harvey (that's what it said on their website). Besides being moved from La Centerra in Cinco Ranch to McGregor Park, the big difference was weather. I went last year to cheer on J and it was close to 30 degrees out, pretty cold but perfect running weather. This year it was in the 70's and extremely humid. I don't know about you guys but I have the HARDEST time running in humid hot weather. I overheat no matter my water intake, and just want to stop ALL the time, but let's rewind. 

Packet pickup for this event was at Nekter Juice Bar in Midtown, on Thursday during the day. I'm not going to lie, this was a hassle. I'm lucky I can easily get off work for a bit, but between the location, hours available and parking, I was seriously rethinking ever signing up for this race again. I ended up parking in a bar's lot (with permission from the bartender), and crossed the street to get my and J's packets. The women working the event were super nice and very helpful, and once I was there it was no trouble getting them and getting back to work.

On race day I woke up at 5:30 AM, leaving the house at 6, and made it down to McGregor Park, near U of H in about 30-40 minutes because, let's be real, no one is out that early on a Saturday. There was plenty of parking, and I met J up so we could put on our shirts she got us (they were SO cute) and our race bibs. 

After putting on sunscreen and waiting in the port-o-potty line, we took our places at the starting line, listened to the National Anthem and then it was go time! 

The run (6.5 miles total) was on all walking/jogging/bike trails, but there was plenty of room and no one was held back by other runners. Some of the park's trails were a pea gravel trail which was absolutely fine in road shoes, and the majority was concrete path. There were a few photographers taking photos during the run, most of which I didn't see until it was too late, ha! The views were pretty, and we came close to U of H, went by the Delta Gamma townhouse (ITB), and by houses and creeks. It was so hot that I stopped so many times and was drenched in sweat, but J hung out with me during all this, which was so awesome, and we even got to cross the finish line together in our cute Sarah Marie Design Studio tech shirts! 

Crossing the finish line was the sweetest feeling, and after sitting and drinking some water for a bit, we headed over to collect our mimosas (each participant gets 2), take some pictures, try some juice samples and have a breakfast taco. 

All in all I'd say that this was an awesome race. I would definitely go again to this location, but I hope next year they either change their packet pickup location/time, or offer included packet pickup on race morning. 

My medal

Also, this weekend was Mother's Day yay! I ran 4 miles and did some pushups in the morning, then got ready for the day. We had a family get together with all the mom's, ordered BBQ in topped off with ice cream cake, and each mom got roses and big gift baskets. It was amazing to celebrate them since they do so much year round, and family get togethers are always fun! I love you mom! 

Our Mother's Day cake was the cutest! 

I hope you all have a great weekend too! Starting this week out on a high note, and I'm not even scared of leg day today. Bring it on.😎😎

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