Wednesday, May 9, 2018

On Wednesdays We Wear...

Wednesdays, I like them. I also like to wear pink. A lot. So thanks to Mean Girls I do it on Wednesdays (among other days).😃 We are officially halfway through the week and on our way to a beautiful weekend. Wednesdays are also kind of like when you are running a half marathon and are on mile 10 and someone cheering the runners on yells, "You're almost there!". That's SO hard to hear with 3 miles left, and even though they are trying to cheer you up, you know you have a lot further left to go.

So far this has been a good week. I took Tuesday off working out and training to reset myself. I got home from work, made some avocado toast (yes, insert millennial joke here), and took a much needed 3 hour nap. That said, today has been WONDERFUL. I'm planning on some sprints and mileage tonight and am looking forward to catching up on a few things and reading a good book.

There are so many good reads out there, and if you have a suggestion I would love to hear it. Since I love to find new reading material, I recently came across a great running book aimed at kids. It's called The Girl Who Ran by Kristina Yee and Frances Poletti.

It's about a girl in the 1960's who wants more than anything to run the Boston Marathon and is told she can't because she is a girl. This book follows her dedication to running and more importantly, her unwavering belief in herself even though people around her are telling her she can't. It's so hard to hear negativity for long periods of time and not start to let it seep in and affect how you feel about yourself or what you choose to do, and I absolutely love books that give that encouraging message to keep chasing your dream. Right on!

What is your favorite running book?

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